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The Northwest TREK Fun Club was conceived in the fall of 2003 during a get together of Safari TREK owners.  It became a formal Fun Club at its first rally in July 2004.  This website is provided to keep our members up-to-date on Club events and information.

All visitors are welcome.  While our focus is the Pacific Northwest, British Columbia, the Yukon Territories, Alberta and Alaska, we also have members from all over the country. We invite all Safari TREK owners to join us as guests at our rallies.

The Northwest Trek Fun Club (NWTFC) was formed with the idea that Trek owners are people who are unique because the Trek design is quite unique.  They are people who like to get out and visit the very beautiful sites and history of North America.  However, they do not want to do it in a huge motor home.  The Trek design gives us the comforts of home but still is small enough to get into those off-the-beaten-track sites.

If you would like to find out more about the Trek, click here.

Being we are kinda unique, we thought that it would be fun and possibly educational to get together three or four times a year to share experiences, become better acquainted and maybe experience an area we had never heard about.

NWTFC is a part of the National Trek Fun Club.  We are a Chapter of FMCA and very closely associated with SAFARI International.

Our first official meeting was in April 2004 at the National Trek Rally in Pueblo, Colorado with 30 Treks from the NW participating.  Our first NWTFC rally was in July 2004 at Toppenish, WA. At this meeting it was decided that we would be a structured organization and a board of directors was established.DSC_3897

The NWTFC currently has 80 active Trek Families.  We are a participative organization as opposed to a spectator organization.  When you decide to join us for fun times, we hope that you will take part in creating experiences to make the club fun for everyone.