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Club Job Descriptions


Reports to: NWTFC Executive Board
Approved Date: 03/01/2007 


Serves as leader of the FMCA NWTFC chapter and presides at Executive Board and general Business Meetings. Provides direction to the club FMCA National Director and Alternate, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary.


  1. Provides the FMCA President’s Handbook to each succeeding president to use as a guideline his or her term.
  2. Conducts chapter meetings in an orderly manner and in accordance with the FMCA Constitution and Bylaws, NWTFC Standing Rules and Bylaws, and FMCA Member Code of Ethics.
  3. Ensures that all chapter officers perform their duties in a responsible and timely manner, according to FMCA and NWTFC requirements.
  4. Ensures that all necessary committee chairs are duly elected or appointed.
  5. Receives all FMCA Governing Board mailings and ensures the members are informed of national FMCA activities.
  6. Attends FMCA NW meetings when chapter president & FMCA national director’s attendance & votes are recommended.
  7. Requests the annual chapter prizes at least six weeks, but no more than 12 weeks, in advance of a chapter rally.
  8. Prepares a year-end report of club activities to the membership.


Reports to:  President
Approved Date: 08/23/2012 


Assists the President and serves as presiding officer in the absence of the President at any duly called meeting.  May, at the President’s direction, serve as Rally Master.  (See Rally Master Job Description.)


  1. May call and preside over Executive Board Meetings and general Business Meetings in the absence of the President.
  2. Accepts election as chairman of Nominating Committee when elected.
  3. Organizes the Nominating Committee by the first rally of each year.
  4. Ensures that the Nominating Committee will provide a slate of potential officers for each office to the membership no later than September 25.
  5. Substitutes for the elected President in an extreme circumstance when he/she is unable to perform duties of Chapter President for an extended period of time.


Reports to:  President
Approved Date: 08/23/2012 


Provides communication and recordkeeping support to the Club. Acts as interface between new member applicants and Executive Board and maintains records accordingly.

 DUTIES – Communications

    1. Reviews and sends all communications provided by the Club President for the membership and/or Webmaster for posting to the club website.
    2. Sends membership renewal notices and past due follow-up notices to current members, as requested by the Treasurer using established club form letters. If still unpaid on April 1, advises members of club membership cancellation, copying President and Webmaster.
    3. Reconciles Member List with Treasurer and Webmaster on a calendar quarter-end basis then distributes to the Executive Board and club FMCA National Director and Alternate Director. Distributes first quarter reconciled Member List to membership on or before April 15.
    4. Receives and reviews rally related reports and writes quarterly Safari Trails news article (published Dec, Mar, Jun, Sept) in sufficient time to submit one month prior to publication date, containing club news and upcoming rally information and submits one month prior to publication date. Provides rally calendar information to Safari Adventures (published bi-monthly Dec/Jan; Feb/Mar; Apr/May; Jun/Jul; Aug/Sept; Oct/Nov) at least one month prior to publication date. Sends copy to webmaster for posting on website.


  1. Receives post-rally reports/photos from Wagon Masters and sends these to Safari Trails for quarterly NW Club News, assuring webmaster also has a copy for “Good Times.”

 DUTIES – New Member Contact

  1. Receives new member applications and inquiries and responds via email or surface mail with appropriate established form letters, directing that dues are to be sent to the Treasurer.  Copies President, Treasurer, and Webmaster.
  2. Forwards new member dues to Treasurer if received.  Upon notice from the Treasurer that new member dues have been received, notifies Executive Board members, Webmaster, and persons designated to send name tags (currently the Historian) and New Member Packets of new member information.

DUTIES –  Recordkeeping

  1. Records and distributes, per established procedures, Board Meeting and General Business Meeting minutes and keeps records available to Club members upon request.
  2. Manages club member list, including entering new member information, maintaining member electronic email address lists for ease of mass mailings to current members, and updates member’s change information such as address, phone number, type of coach, email address, etc. and notifies Webmaster of any changes.
  3. Establish and maintain a list of members that do not have email addresses so that communications can be sent to them via US Mail.
  4.  Prepares and maintains an additional member list reflecting the deletion of any members who failed to pay renewal dues for NWTFC or FMCA within 90 days of due date.  The list should also include the date of delinquency.
  5. Sends notice to any members that have not maintained FMCA membership informing them that membership in our chapter requires concurrent FMCA membership.
  6. Reconciles FMCA’s roster of NWTFC members with Club member list and submits to FMCA at year end.
  7. Receives and reports ground mail, email and website voting results to the Executive Board.
  8. Submits, by November 1, a list of newly elected officers when requested by FMCA and certifies that the Club held the required number of meetings in the previous fiscal period.
  9. Prepares and submits Roll Call Mail-in Form to FMCA’s governing board prior to the Governing Board’s Meeting, verifying National Director, Alternate Director or temporary delegate attendance.


Reports to: President
Approved Date: 08/23/2012 


The Treasurer receives, safeguards and holds all chapter funds in the name of the chapter and is its trustee and fiscal agent.


  1. Receives dues directly from current members and new member dues either directly from new members or from the Secretary for deposit into the club account.
  2. Keeps accurate account of all chapter funds and prepares reports for each business meeting.
  3. Disburses chapter funds for authorized purposes in accordance with the chapter bylaws.
  4. Maintains chapter Employer Identification Number (EIN).
  5. Provides verification of the chapter’s gross receipts to the National Office
  6. Reminds Secretary to send annual dues notice to members by November 1 to give members 60 day notification.
  7. Prepares past due list on March 1 for Secretary to communicate to unpaid members  and notifies President for recordkeeping purposes and Webmaster for restricting past due members’ access to Members Only website.
  8. Notifies President, Secretary and Webmaster as delinquent dues are received to update the roster and restore Members Only website access.
  9. Directs Secretary to prepare and send notice on April 1 for members who are 90 days delinquent, advising them of club membership cancellation, copying President, and Webmaster.
  10. Reconciles with Secretary’s member list on a quarterly basis to catch any membership discrepancies.
  11. Receives rally fees from Wagon Masters and makes reimbursement and pays vendor invoices.
  12.  May issue advance money up to $200 to Wagon Master for Rally Master-approved out-of-pocket expenses. Such advances must be covered by rally fees.
  13. Coordinates annual audit of Club’s financial records and reports to the membership.
  14. Provides FMCA Treasurer’s Guidelines to succeeding treasurer to use in his/her term.


Reports to: NWTFC Executive Board
Approval Date: January 24, 2016


The national director is an officer of NWTFC who is elected to represent NWTFC at FMCA and FMCA NW meetings and to serve on the Governing Board of FMCA.


  1. Represents the interests of NWTFC at FMCA and FMCA NW Area meetings, votes on matters brought before the Governing Board or FMCA NW Area, and communicates the results of such actions to the NWTFC executive board and membership.
  2. Participates in the FMCA NW Area planning meetings in the spring and fall. If unable to attend and FMCA NW Area meeting, requests the alternate director to attend and represent NWTFC at the FMCA Area meeting. Customarily the national director and president or alternate national director attend FMCA NW Area meetings.
  3. Attends the FMCA Governing Board meetings held in conjunction with the summer national convention each year – if possible. If the alternate national director is also unable to attend, assists the alternate national director and president in attempting to find an alternate representative and makes arrangements for authorizing the alternate to vote at the Governing Board meeting.
  4. A member of the chapter may be elected as a temporary delegate to represent NWTFC at the next Governing Board meeting only.
  5. If an event occurs after the 21-day notice requirement for reporting the chapter’s delegate from attending the Governing Board meeting, the chapter present may appoint a member of the chapter as a temporary delegate to represent the chapter for the next Governing Board meeting only. Notice of the chapter president’s appointment of a temporary delegate must be reported to FMCA in writing (fax or e-mail are acceptable) at least seven days prior to the Governing Board meeting to valid.
  6. Keeps the NWTFC chapter informed of actions and items related to the national FMCA organization, Governing Board, and FMCA NW Area. Keep the national FMCA organization and FMCA NW Area officers informed about relevant actions associated with NWTFC.
  7. Notifies NW FMCA area vice president of NWTFC rallies and relevant actions taken by the NWTFC executive board or membership.
  8. Obtains approval from the FMCA national office for printed matter such as advertising, programs, news releases, etc. (when appropriate).
  9. Corresponds with FMCA national offices when needed to answer any NWTFC member questions.
  10. Reviews all FMCA Governing Board mailings. Summarizes minutes of FMCA meetings and communicates relevant actions and information to NWTFC executive board and membership.
  11. Follows the national director guidelines as received from FMCA.
  12. Coordinates NWTFC volunteer involvement in conjunction with FMCA NW Area rally and FMCA national convention with the assistance of the president and associate national director.
  13. Keeps FMCA National Director Handbook up to date. Passes all materials to the next elected national director.
  14. Prepares a year-end report of the national director activities and reports to the President.
  15. As an officer of NWTFC, serves as a member of the NWTFC executive board.



Reports to: NWTFC Executive Board
Approval Date: January 24, 2016


The alternate national director is an officer of NWTFC who is elected to represent NWTFC at FMCA and FMCA NW meetings and to serve on the Governing Board of FMCA when requested or when the national director is unable to represent the chapter.


  1. Performs the duties of the national director as outlined in the national director job description when requested or when the national director is unable to represent the chapter at FMCA meetings.
  2. If requested to attend an FMCA meeting and unable to do so, assist the national director and president in attempting to find an alternate representative and makes arrangements for authorizing the alternate to vote at the Governing Board meeting.
  3. Reviews all FMCA Governing Board mailings. Follows the alternate national director guidelines as received from FMCA.
  4. Assists the national director in coordinating NWTFC volunteer involvement in conjunction with FMCA NW Area rally and FMCA national convention.
  5. Prepares a year-end report of the alternate national director activities and reports to the President.
  6. As an officer of NWTFC, serves as a member of the NWTFC executive board.


Reports to:  President
Approved Date: 02/26/2019


The historical role of the club Historian was to maintain and safeguard yearly records re: club formation, leadership, volunteerism, articles that include our club activities, etc.  As of 2019, our Website will serve as the club’s primary reference.  The club Historian still maintains past records and performs other duties as outlined below and/or as requested by the club president.


Although most historical information is also found on the club’s website,, the Historian still safeguards historical documents from the past. These ‘first 15 years’ will serve as a backup, hard copies of our early years . . .  those photos of adventures, treasured friendships and rally activities that often supported local communities and businesses. 

  1. The historian will safely store the club’s 2004-2018 historical albums and keep them available as a rally resource. They include rally photos and Safari Trails & FMCA magazine articles re:
    1. Our club’s Trek rallies, Nat’l Trek and NWA rallies as well as club involvement at a few International FMCA Rallies
    2. Event Directories
    3. Rally Registration/Itineraries
    4. Rally Brochures
    5. Club Newsletters
  1. The historian will continue to keep just important information, certificates, etc., and email a copy of these to the Webmaster for the club Website, where all will be available for member viewing – and much for Trek owners in our region and beyond who are just learning of our club and all the benefits in joining NWTFC & FMCA.
  1. Will provide a report re: any historical club information if requested by a club officer – and past rally information, if requested by the Rally Master or a wagon master.
  1. If in attendance, the historian will provide any of the albums to a popular rally and will provide 3 or more for each 5-year anniversary celebration – as well as a photo/club history display, if requested.
  1. If in attendance, the club historian will serve as a rally or event photographer. If wagon masters need help with organizing their rally photos and rally reports for submission to our Webmaster, they may ask for historian &/or webmaster’s assistance. 



Reports to:  President
Approved Date: 08/23/2012


The webmaster maintains and manages the Club’s Website.  Assures information is current and new information is distributed to members on a timely basis.


  1. Approve and ensure timely payment of website hosting contract with for both the NWTFC and Trek Tracks site.
  2. Approve and ensure timely payment of domain names with
  3. Maintain current copy of entire website on the hard drive of a computer.
  4. As requested by Treasurer, suspend access to “Member’s Only” area of website.  As past dues are received per Treasurer, update the roster and restore Members’ Only website access.
  5. Changes contact information on website as Officer positions change.


  1. Enter new member information into Access database portion of website as new member dues are received.
  2. Send letter to new members with password so they can access the ‘Member’s Only’ area of website.  Copy President, Secretary, Treasurer and Historian.
  3. Add member pictures to website as received using Filezilla.
  4. Update database as member information changes are received, ensuring Secretary is also aware of those changes.
  5. Reconcile website database with Secretary’s Membership List on a quarterly basis.  Works with Secretary to research discrepancies.


  1. Update Rallies page with new rallies and information and sends email to membership directing them to that page.
  2.  Adds Rally information to Trek Tracks Forum and Calendar of Events.
  3. Update Notices page as requested and sends email to membership directing them to that page.
  4. Create Good Times pages and sends email to membership directing them to those pages.
  5. Create year-end pages and posts year-end reports received from Club Officers.  Sends email to membership directing them to that page.


Reports to: President
Approved Date: 03/14/2014


The newsletter editor creates and publishes a newsletter that is one of the important communication pieces to keep the membership of NWTFC informed of club activities and provide information for the recruiting of new members. The Newsletter Editor will design, edit, and publish 4-6 newsletters that are distributed electronically to the membership and placed on the NWTFC website for general audiences.


  1. Establish format, layout, and publishing schedule for club newsletter – generally the newsletter is to be published 4-6 times a year.
  2. Establish deadlines for publication and solicit articles and reports from club officers and committee chairs and members.
  3. Include content and features that will be informative for club members, build interest in club activities, and also serve to introduce NWTFC to potential new members. Suggested content elements include:
    1. President’s message
    2. Rally calendar
    3. Information on future rallies
    4. Rally reports
    5. Reports of club business meetings
    6. Treasurer’s report
    7. National director’s report
    8. Member profiles and stories of member activities and coaches
    9. Club officer reports
    10. Introductory note about NWTFC
    11. News items coming from FMCA for member attention
    12. Directory of club officers
  4. Take the initiative to elicit articles, stories, pictures, items of personal interest, news items from club members.
  5. Create or edit content for the newsletter using material submitted by officers and members or material generated by the editor.
  6. Use appropriate writing or publishing software of the editor’s choosing to prepare the newsletter.
  7. Send a draft of the newsletter for the president’s review prior to publication.
  8. Save the newsletter in a .pdf format for distribution.
  9. Send a copy of the newsletter to the Secretary for distribution to the membership.


Reports to:  President
Adopted Date: 01/13/2015 by Executive Committee
Replaces: 08/23/2012


A goal of NWTFC is to have at least three rallies a year (one of which may be a pre-rally to an FMCA event).  The objective is to spread rallies among spring, summer, and fall and distribute rallies among the various geographic areas served by NWTFC.  An annual rally calendar is to be established and published by March each year.


The Rally Coordinator oversees rally schedules and individual events and provides guidance and support to wagon masters.  The Vice President may serve as Rally Coordinator at the President’s discretion.


  1. Seeks to fulfill the NWTFC annual goal of having at least three rallies a year and seeks to spread those rallies among spring, summer, and fall and distribute rallies among the various geographic areas served by NWTFC.
  2. Seeks to have an annual calendar of NWTFC rallies and have it published by March of each year.  Makes a report of scheduled rallies to the Executive Board.
  3. Establishes and maintains an annual schedule for known rallies of NWTFC, FMCA, national Trek, and Safari/Monaco groups.  Forwards the schedule of rallies to the Webmaster for inclusion on the club website.  Forwards the schedule of rallies to the newsletter editor for publication in the club newsletter.
  4. Forward information on NWTFC rallies to Club Secretary for publication in the FMCA Association Calendar,- unless the Executive Board or the Rally Coordinator decides it would not be advantageous to publish information about a specific rally (i.e. a pre-rally coordinated with volunteer duties).  Such notice may include factors that may limit attendance by non-NWTFC FMCA members or the general public.  Forward information on NWTFC rallies to Club Secretary for distribution to other Safari/Monaco chapters and groups.
  5. Receives, reviews, and approves proposed rallies from NWTFC wagon masters, ensuring as few conflicts as possible with other rallies.
  6. Seeks and gathers information on potential rally sites and makes such information known to potential wagon masters.
  7. Recruits potential wagon masters for rallies.  Seeks to have co-wagon masters for rallies when appropriate.
  8. Provides wagon masters with Wagon Master Job Description, NWTFC Rally Guide, and such other resources that may serve to help the wagon master(s) have a successful rally.
  9. Provides support and encouragement to Wagon Masters in order to enable Wagon Masters to have a successful rally experience.  Provide a list of rally mentors who can provide counsel and assistance to Wagon Masters.
  10. Receives rally notice/announcement from Wagon Master and sends it to the Club Secretary for distribution to membership, the webmaster for posting to website  (NWTFC and Trek Tracks), and to the newsletter editor for publication in the club newsletter.
  11. Receives and approves or disapproves requests from wagon masters for advance of funds and notifies Treasurer to disburse up to $200 from rally fees previously deposited to the NWTFC bank account.  May approve advances exceeding $200 to cover extraordinary wagon master expenses for lengthy tours, travel rallies, etc.
  12. As a general rule, rally attendees are responsible for payment of RV park camping fees directly to the campground.  In some cases, the RV park/campground may insist that camping reservations/fees be collected by the club and payment made directly by the club to the park.  Where there is a need to make an advance payment as a reservation to reserve camping spots or meeting spaces at an RV park/campground, Rally Coordinator may receive a request from wagon master for advance payment of such deposit payments.  Rally Coordinator may recommend advance of club funds to the Executive Board. Upon approval by the Executive Board, the treasurer may make payment directly to the RV park/campground for such site reservation fees.  It is anticipated that such advance payments would be covered by rally fees.  A NWTFC expense advance form is be used to document such expenditures.
  13. Receives rally report from wagon master, noting rally highlights, successful rally elements, and outlining pitfalls encountered.  Rally Coordinator determines whether this information should be added to the NWTFC Rally Guide to aid in future rally planning.
  14. Reviews and recommends changes to wagon master’s responsibilities and the Rally Guide.  Forward recommendations to President and Secretary.
  15. Prepares year-end rally report and sends it to webmaster for posting on NWTFC website, to newsletter editor for publication in club newsletter, and to Secretary for posting to publications.


Reports to:  Rally Coordinator
Approved Date: 08/23/2012
Replaces: 01/27/2007


Plans, organizes and implements plans for Club rallies under the guidance of the Rally Coordinator.


  1. Identifies site for rally (State, County, Federal, private campgrounds or boon dock location).
  2. Provides dates and location information to Rally Coordinator for approval in order to lessen potential conflict with NWTFC, FMCA or Safari/Monaco events.
  3. Submits formal request for any up-front expenses to the rally coordinator.  (If up-front money for out-of-pocket expenses, e.g., telephone, mailings, etc., is required and approved by the rally coordinator, the treasurer may advance up to $200 to be supported by rally receipts and covered by rally fees.  Advances over $200, e.g., campground and tour deposits, will be allowed by the Treasurer only after rally fees have been deposited in the Club account.)
  4. Upon Rally Coordinator’s approval, negotiates price with campground, obtains refund policy information and reserves tentative number of spaces.
  5. Establishes number of group meals/potlucks or restaurant locations and arranges for facilities and/or catering and sets registration cut-off dates.
  6. Prepares rally announcement and sends to the rally coordinator for communication by the Club secretary to webmaster, FMCA National Director or alternate.
  7. Receives rally fees from attendees in checks made payable to NWTFC and forwards them to the treasurer.
  8. May identify local events, historic tours of potential interest to rally participants.
  9. Uses NWTFC Rally Guide as a resource for planning and execution of rally.
  10. Provides financial accounting, including all receipts for expenses, to the treasurer within 10 days of the rally end date.
  11. Prepares a brief write-up of rally activities within 3 weeks of end of rally and sends to Club secretary and webmaster, along with any available photographs.
  12. Prepares short summary of any pitfalls encountered and submits to Rally Coordinator for potential inclusion in the NWTFC Rally Guide to assist with future rally planning.


Reports to: NWTFC President
Approval Date: March 24, 2017


One or more members appointed by the president to increase chapter efforts to integrate new members into NWTFC activities, share care and concern for current members, encourage membership retention, and reach out to non-renewing members. The means and manner of fulfilling the unit’s responsibilities are up to the unit’s members. Participants in the Member Care Unit are not members of the executive board. The Coordinator also reaches out to existing members we have not heard from in a while.


  1. Integrate new members into the NWTrek Fun Club and its activities.
  2. Coordinate contacts with  new members with existing introductory steps being taken by the secretary, webmaster, and treasurer.
  3. Extend a personal welcome to new members and extend an invitation to attend club rallies.
  4. Obtain a list of those attending each rally and when new members attend a rally, make sure they are introduced and welcomed by those present.
  5. Provide an orientation, as needed, to club procedures, background, and activities, including the meaning of NWTFC as a chapter of FMCA. When possible, hold an orientation meeting at the rally for new members.
  6. Encourage new members to become involved in the workings of the chapter.
  7. Consider other ways new members can be made to feel welcome whether they attend rallies or not.
  8. Share care and concern of current NWTFC members.
  9. See that NWTFC members are involved and feel they are an integral part of the club.
  10. If it is noted that members are not attending rallies, contact them to encourage their participation.
  11. If members of the care unit become aware of members who are ill, have surgery, or have experienced a loss; express the concern of the chapter in whatever means is appropriate (phone, card, flowers, etc.).
  12. Increase member retention efforts by reaching out to non-renewing members.
  13. As the care unit members gain knowledge of members who are not active in the club or who are considering not renewing their membership, reach out to those members on behalf of the club.
  14. Contact those who have not renewed their membership,and encourage them to renew their membership.
  15. If members have chosen not to renew their membership, seek to discover
    the reasons for their non-renewal.
  16. During contact with new and/pre-existing members, forward any changes in contact information to secretary, treasurer and webmaster.
  17. Call or mail new members in November of each year to thank them  for
    being members.
  18. Provide a periodic report(verbal or written) to the president of the unit’s activities on behalf of the club.
  19. Provide an annual summary of the unit’s activities on behalf of the club.