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Rally Planning Kit

Without rallies, our club would not exist.  The life of our club depends on YOU, fellow member!  Please volunteer to host a rally, or to help someone else with a rally.

 Being a Wagon Master doesn’t need to be overwhelming, stressful, or too daunting.  We try to make it so Wagon Masters have the resources and support to be successful – so sponsoring a rally can be a positive experience for everyone!

One of our greatest resources are our experienced “rally mentors.” These people have successfully done a rally – usually more than one. They are available to offer suggestions, support, bounce ideas off, and generally be an encouragement to Wagon Masters.

The NWTFC rally mentors are:
Ed and Jeanette Block
Penny Paschall
John and Marie Turner
Al and Virginia Zimmerman

Here are some other tools to help you as you plan a rally:

Past Rally Reports

Wagon Master Job Description

NWTFC Rally Guidelines 8-7-20

NWTFC Rally Planning Worksheet

NWTFC Rally Expense Worksheet

NWTFC Rally Planning Check List

The following are sample rally registration and announcement forms (Thank you Al Z!). They are in Word format and can be edited to fit your needs. 


  1. Right click on the link and select ‘Open Link in New Window’.
  2. You should be able to see the document in the lower left corner of your computer.
  3. Click on it and it should open in your Word program
  4. In the upper middle of the Menu Bar, click on ‘Enable Editing’
  5. Make your changes
  6. Save it to your hard drive where  you will be able to find it again

Sample Rally Announcement

Sample Rally Registration Form

For more information or to talk with the club’s President about helping with a rally, please email