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(Infoletters have been edited and only the technical info is presented.)

In January of 2015, the InfoLetter editor approached the NWTFC about hosting the Infoletters on the NWTFC website. A proposal to provide a home for the Infoletters on the club’’s website was put forth to, and approved by, the Board of Directors of the NWTFC.  NWTFC assumes no liability for the accuracy or appropriateness of any content associated with the Infoletter.

PLEASE NOTE: In email addresses, the “@” has been replaced with ” at ” to protect against web crawlers harvesting e-mail address.

Who puts it together? 

Bret Medbury is the editor. To contact him or to be added to the InfoLetter email group, email him at Islandduo at

Please note: If you find something in an InfoLetter that is no longer applicable, notify Bret.

What is this publication?

It is an informational letter sent to all known I-Trek owners that have email addresses. Its purpose is to help owners of these wonderful but rare motorhomes understand them better, and know how to fix most problems as they arise. The information comes from owners who have had problems and contribute to the infoletter the symptoms, causes and how they were repaired. So, if you have a problem with your I-Trek, BE SURE to sit down and review the Infoletters because it is likely the problem has been encountered before and some owner has shared the information so you can have an easier time fixing it. There is a helpful topic index [lower on this page to help you find the topic you are interested in.] If you aren’t mechanically inclined, at least you can educate and supervise whoever is accomplishing the repairs. PLEASE reciprocate and send Bret your experiences with your I-Trek. Your writing doesn’t have to be perfect. Bret will edit it so you look good!

If your Isuzu Trek breaks

A money-saving hint: The first thing to do if your Trek gets sick is to sit yourself down and read through ALL of the past newsletters. Why?  Because there is a good chance the problem has happened to someone else and is written up in the newsletter, including the fix!

If your tranny acts up, first just pull over to a safe place, shut off the engine after the cool down period, go drink a coke or limeade for at least 5 minutes then start up and start on your way again.  If that doesn’t fix it, the battery disconnect Jim describes in newsletter #10 will probably do it.

Past Editor Ken Harmon
Past Editor Dale DeRemer





Ken and Dale are still great resources for Isuzu Trek systems information.

Feel free to email Ken at IsuzuTrek(AT) and Dale at drdder(AT)