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2009 Annual Reports

President’s Year End Report – December 2009

It’s been a fun year that is ending all too soon, along with my stint as president which I’m sure some of you consider soon enough! It has been a great ride. I have thoroughly enjoyed my 2 years in no small measure because of the wonderful support from the Board and the membership at large.

Next year is shaping up with more good rallies. The most notable is the Safari National Trek Rally in Amana Iowa next June. This should be on everyone’s list if it is at all possible to be there. Bob Beers is working his creative magic for a memorable pre rally. Other rallies are in the works, so consult our NWTFC web site and mark your calendars to be there.

I plan to meet with our new president Penny Braden in the new year to transfer presidential materials to her. One of those files is the subject of the proposed defibrillator. I had promised the membership a vote before year end. Unfortunately, the web site forum became inoperative, so further discussion was stifled and voting could not be set up. As a result, I decided it would be best to carry it over to the next business meeting for discussion and resolution then.

It has been a great experience to meet and associate with so many friendly talented people in our special club. Barb and I thank you for enriching our lives. We feel privileged to be a part of the membership.

May your Christmas be full of joy, and we wish all of you good health and prosperity in 2010. We are looking forward to our next year with all of you.

Respectfully Submitted
Stan Shackell

Vice President’s YEAR-END REPORT – 2009

Another year, yes and it was terrific. I want to thank again the wagon masters that volunteered to put on these great rallies. A lot of thought and work was put into these events so Thank You!! The NWTFC started with volunteers and an idea and now 5 years later there are over 60 coaches involved,with 16 being charter members. I should also thank Penny Braden and Ken Anderson for volunteering for the executive board.

This next year the Beers are putting on a Pre-Rally for the National Trek Rally and the Keelers will do a pre-rally at their ranch for the FMCA National Convention. Lee Keeler might have some others in the ‘werks’? If you have a idea for a rally contact Lee for guidance.

Rodger Wright


The NORTHWEST TREK FUN CLUB treasury continues to be in a comfortable financial position. The January 1 beginning balance was $1,607.31 and we ended with a balance of $1,528.00 as of November 30.

From January 1st to November 30th, we added income of $327.00 coming from member dues and lapel pin sales. Expenses of approximately $406.00 included FMCA rally prize, new member postage costs, decorations & food for the club 5th anniversary party and two new club banners.

Respectfully submitted,

Membership Director Report – Year End 12/31/09

Membership as of 1/1/09  – 50

Membership as of 12/31/09 – 63

Total new memberships added during 2009 – 13

Corrected 12/31/09
Respectfully Submitted 12/23/09

Barbara Brown

Membership Director

2009 Rally Master Report

The NWTFC had some great rallies and some will probably be memorable for many years to come. Remember all you have to do is get onto our great web site and click on Good Times to see a lot of very great pictures that reflect the “Good Times” we had.

We started 2009 with the Tulip Festival Rally hosted by Ken & Helen Anderson. This rally was held at the Columbia Riverfront RV Park in Woodland, Washington. This is a great facility and we had unbelievable April weather. It was pleasurable to just sit and watch the river traffic go by. As usual we had great meals and lots of activities which included tours of the Lilac and Tulip fields and a tour of the Cedar Creek Grist Mill. Thanks to Ken and Helen for this great rally. We are hopeful that we can do this one again.

Our next rally was the Champoeg State Park, Aurora, OR, pre-rally to the Albany FMCA Rally. This Rally was hosted by Lee & Judy Keeler. This is a great place to relax and get to know each other and to take some hikes along the river. We had 18 Treks this year and as we left for our Caravan to Albany it was a long line of fun lov’n Trekkers going down I-5. Ed Block was our Caravan Wagon Master and Lee & Judy brought up the rear. This is always a great gathering and as usual we had some good food. In the future we will probably have to find another place for this rally as we are outgrowing the Group RV parking area at Champoeg, but we do not have to worry about that for a while and if the FMCA stops having their rallies in Albany it may never be a problems.

We are not in charge of the FMCA Rally, but we do have a large number of volunteers headed by Ed & Jeannette Block. We all enjoy manning the Door Prize Both and getting to meet so many wonderful people. We thank Ed & Jeannette for all the work they put into gathering the door prizes. This is a lot of hard work, especially in these economical hard times. We also want to thank all of you who volunteered to help and ask all of you to consider volunteering to assist whenever you can.

Now we move across the boarder north to Vancouver, BC, where Stan and Barbara Shackell hosted a memorable rally starting September 8th. Stan & Barb did a fantastic job in arranging excursions around the area by Bus, Sea Taxi, Skytrain and Harbor Ferry. Everyone reported that this was one of the best rallies so far and we are sad that we had to miss this one. There are great pictures posted on the web, if you have not already seen them. Thanks Stan & Barb for all the hard work and especially for stepping up and being our Captain for the past two years.

Now for the last and some say the Best we Move back to the US a couple days later to the North Cascades “Summer’s End” rally hosted by Ed and Jeanette Block Septermber 12th. Several of the attendees to this great rally came directly from the Vancouver rally the previous week. As usual Ed and Jeanette had a fun filed schedule for everyone. The 5th anniversary of the NWTFC was celebrated at this rally. There were 21 couples present and I am told that all the standards of a NWTFC Rally were upheld with great food and good times for all. Thanks Ed & Jeanette for all your efforts and support.

Well we are now starting a new year and it is time to start planning for the rallies in 2010. Bob & Peggy Beers are hosting a pre National Trek rally in Rapid City, South Dakota on June 2 –June 4. If you have not signed up for this great opportunity, it is time to do so. This is a great area and a lot to see. The Beers can be emailed at or contacted at 206-406-3253. They have a lot of activities planned and this promises to be a great rally.

We need some of our members to volunteer to host a rally for 2010. We would like to have a rally in April or May time frame. So if you have any ideas, please step forward and if you can not do it yourself I am sure that many of us will be willing to help organize a plan and rally with you. We need to hear from you soon.

Judy & I will be hosting a pre Redmond Rally at our place in Salem in August. We will have the particulars out about that rally prior to month end.


Thanks for all your support in 2009 and because of you we did have a great rally year.

Respectfully Submitted

Lee Keeler

Rally Master, NWTFC