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2014 Annual Reports


December 2014

Perhaps the greatest news of 2014 was the re-launch of the Trek motorhome by Monaco – Allied Recreation Group. The first new version of the Trek was certainly not the Trek most of us purchased, however we are assured that there is a Trek coming that will be closer to our expectations.

We were certainly pleased when Mike Snell, president of Monaco, came to meet with about 20 Trekkers in Redmond at the FMCA High Desert Sunrise Family Reunion. It is significant when the president of a company actually meets with the customers who purchased the product.

The new Trek may seem to overshadow the fact that the NW Trek Fun Club celebrated its 10th anniversary this year with a wonderful rally at Mt. Hood hosted by Ed and Jeanette Block and Rodger and Colleen Wright. Thanks for making this celebration such a fun and special time.

Two other rallies were held this year: the Beans and Bones Pre-rally with Lee and Judy Keeler in Salem and the Trek or Treat Rally at Valley of the Rogue State Park hosted by Robert and Barbara Henderson with the assistance of Bill and Jackie Johnson.

2014 began with the first rally of the year scheduled for August. Because the executive board could not meet until so many months into the year, we began meeting by e-mail. This proved an effective way to share ideas and get things accomplished. However, any actions taken had to await ratification at the next physical meeting of the board.

One of the first things done was to launch “Trek Travels,” the new newsletter of the NWTFC that is to be published 4 – 6 times a year. We were especially pleased when Stacia Norris emerged as an editor. The newsletter is an additional way to communicate news to members and share the NWTFC story with others around the country.

NWTFC adopted as a goal to have at least three rallies a year (one of which may be a pre-rally to an FMCA event). The objective is to spread rallies among spring, summer, and fall and distribute rallies among the various geographic areas served by NWTFC. An annual rally calendar is to be established and published by March each year. 2015 is off to a good start with rallies planned for April, June, and August – the opportunity of a fall rally is still there for someone to host.

Bylaw amendments were made to enable the executive board to meet, other than at rallies and to include key committee chairs and the past presidents as non-voting members. A provision was also added to create a membership category of honorary member that would include those who wanted to stay in touch with the club though they may not own a motorhome any longer – thus they would not qualify as FMCA members.

Special thanks are extended to officers who have concluded their service to NWTFC with the passing of 2014. Colleen Wright has served as treasurer for the past 6 years and has handled our funds in a very responsible and efficient manner. Helen Anderson (vice president) and Peggy Beers (alternate national director) fulfilled their terms and added positive insights to the board. I also want to express the club’s appreciation to Rodger Wright for his service as rally coordinator.

2015 will bring new officers: Dean Bjornson as vice president, Sue Bjornson as treasurer, and Judy Schindler as alternate national director. Helen and Ken Anderson will be rally coordinators.

2015 will also bring new challenges, new rallies, new places, and new members. Our club continues to grow because of our fun and fellowship, openness to new folks, and the uniqueness of the Trek. Let’s have a great new year in 2015.

Al Zimmerman


Dean Bjornson and Bob and Sue Pinney served along with me on this year’s Nominating Committee.

The following slate of potential officers and committee members was provided for elections:

  • Vice President: Dean Bjornson
  • Treasurer: Sue Bjornson
  • Alternate FMCA Director: Judy Schindler
  • 2014 Nominating committee members: Ken Anderson and Helen Anderson

Elections were held and the vote was unanimous in favor of the slated names.

Many thanks to Dean, Bob, and Sue for serving on the 2014 Nominating Committee and for those people who volunteered their time to be officers and committee members to further the success of the NW Trek Fun Club.

Respectfully Submitted,

Helen Anderson
Vice President (2012-2014)


We had a very busy year, Electronic Meetings, Newsletter Introduction, Bylaw changes and many well-attended Rallies.  We are now ending the year with the lowest fuel prices in over five years so expectations are high for future get-togethers.

Our membership currently is 67, having lost 9 members and gaining 15 new ones last year.   Most of our new members are attracted by the information and experience to be exchanged with other Trek owners, but are usually retained as members by the excellent rallies and friendships that ensue.

David and Sue Pierce, Secretary


Northwest Trek Fun Club

Statement of Financial Activity

  • 1 Jan – 31 Oct 2014

Beginning Balance – 1 Jan 2014                                                              $  2,626.96


Member Dues                                                $     310.00

Lapel/badge pins                                          $        30.00

Rally registration fees                                   $  5,351.00


Total Income                                                             $10,696.00                $13,322.96



Rally payments                                          $  9,777.44

Wagon master site fees                              $     197.24

Miscellaneous – historian, postage             $     118.85


Total Expenses                                                        $10,090.53                $  3,232.43


Ending Balance – 31 Oct 2014                                                                  $  3,232.43


As it turned out this year, two of our club rallies were the week before and after the FMCA Reunion Rally in Redmond, OR.  So this made for a lot of Trekking time together.

Over the years, the Keeler’s Pre Rallies have quite the reputation for being laidback and serving excellent meals, and this year was no exception.  The Keeler’s even added a tour of a berry fruit processing plant and bakery and murals of Silverton history.  As usual, Trekkers going on to the FMCA Rally caravanned to Redmond, OR.

After the FMCA Redmond Rally, it was on to the 10th Anniversary Rally at the Mt. Hood RV Resort.  The Wrights and Blocks were co-wagon masters for this rally.  This rally was attended by the FMCA’s National Treasurer Percy Bell and his wife Pamela and the NW Area VP Kathie Balogh and her husband Andy.  This rally had all the activities that NW Trekkers enjoy, from potlucks, raffles, downtime to catch up with friends, sightseeing, checking out local merchants, and touring the Mt. Hood Lodge.  The highlight of the tour was a salmon/prime rib buffet dinner at the lodge’s Raven Room with spectacular  view of Mt. Hood and a panoramic view of Mt. Jefferson.

In October the Henderson’s put on the Trek or Treat Rally at the Valley of the Rogue State Park.  There were several tech talks on Treks and bicycles.  Also tours of Harry & David’s, the Rogue Creamery, and the Lillie Belle Farms. The meals included potlucks, Dutch oven meal cooked by the Silver Ridge Outfitters and everyone wore western theme outfits.  The last night was Casa Amiga’s taco bar sponsored by the Henderson’s.

In the years to come the wagon masters will have some new challenges putting on rallies.  Some RV venues are asking for upfront monies to reserve sites for the 1st night and rent for clubhouse.  This can be done, but the wagon masters will have to get the attendees to put deposits down early, likely 9-12 months early.  This will require more organizing/planning on the wagon masters part and longer commitment time for attendees.  Or the wagon master might need to use another RV venue that doesn’t have these rules.

Respectfully Submitted,

Rodger Wright
2013-14 NWTFC Rally Coordinator