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2015 Meeting Minutes

NWTFC Business Meeting

Meeting at Spring in the Yamhill Valley Rally

Saturday, April 25, 2015

(7:15 PM – Following dinner, Meeting Room)

Call to Order

Minutes – David Pierce

Motion to approve the minutes of the email meetings as distributed:

· October 10, 2014

Treasurer’s Report – Sue Bjornson

Vice President – Dean Bjornson

Appointment of Alternate National Director

Filling vacant newsletter editor position – Al Zimmerman

Rally Coordinator – Ken and Helen Anderson

Rally schedule for 2015 and 2016

April 23 – 26 Spring in Yamhill Valley Rally Steve Webber-Plank, Ken & Helen Anderson

Old Stone Village, McMinnville

June 19 22 Oregon Coast Rally/Pre-rally Al & Virginia Zimmerman

Winchester Bay RV Resort

June 26 – 28 FMCA NW Area Rally Mill Casino, North Bend, OR

August 23 – 26 Shining Waters Gary & Irva Cooper, Ken & Helen Anderson

Bremerton Elks RV Park

Fall 2015 Fall Rally TBD

Place TBD

Wagon Master Packet of Materials

Report on FMCA approval of amended bylaws Al Zimmerman, President

Status of Isuzu Trekkers newsletter project

MOU was to be prepared by webmaster and reviewed by president.

Once signed by president and authorized representative of Isuzu Trekkers, then content may be placed on NWTFC website.

Report from FMCA NW Area Planning Meeting Al Zimmerman

NWTFC volunteers at FMCA NW Area Rally Steve Webber-Plank
New business – any additional items needed to be addressed by Executive Board

Motion to adjourn


NWTFC General Business Meeting Minutes

Meeting at Shining Waters Rally, Bremerton, WA

August 25, 2015

Call to Order

Minutes of the Executive Board are available upon request

Minutes of the last general business meeting (4/25/2015, McMinnville) David Pierce

President- Al Zimmerman

1)     Bylaws approved.

2)     Ken Anderson elected as Alternate FMCA National Director.

3)     Isuzu Trek Documentation agreement made to put the information on our web site.

4)    Need to locate and appoint a newsletter editor.

 Vice President-Dean Bjornson

1)    Nominating committee working to identify candidates for President, Secretary and FMCA National Director.

 Secretary-David Pierce

1)    We have 66 members plus 3 Honorary Members.

 Treasurer-Sue Bjornson

1)    Current balance at $4500 but would soon be reduced to our normal $2600 balance once some of the Rally bills are paid.

 Rally Coordinator-Helen Anderson

  • Ohanapecosh Rally scheduled for September 17-21.
  • Rally schedule for 2016-2017 in work
  • Pre-Rally Spring 2016 pre FMCA Rally in Albany Oregon.
  • Prosser WA Rally during September 2017.

 FMCA National Director-Dean Webber-Plank

1)    Report on action from Madison Wisconsin FMCA meeting

2)    Review of involvment at FMCA NW Rally in Coos Bay.  We provided many volunteers and were thanked accordingly.  It is recommended that we only volunteer for the Store in the future.

 New Business

Web Master-Mary Carlson

The NWTFC web site is having some serious difficulties as the software being used is older and no longer supported.  The problems are not only affecting us but also Trek Tracks.  Greg Hollister has gone to heroic measures to correct some of the issues but we must begin to explore future alternatives.  Further Mary has been able to make sure that we still have some functionality.  It was recommended and approved that our Web Master could spend up to $500.00 for consulting services to provide us some direction.

Approval by the General Membership to support the Web Master was moved and seconded.


Motion to adjourn