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2022 Port Townsend Rally Report

2022 Port Townsend Rally

August 2nd – August 7th 2022


Port Townsend Trek Rally 5.0 has come and gone for August, 2022

. . . but we have plenty of pics to enjoy! 

Fine weather, fresh air and the sounds of the waves made the Point Hudson Marina campground the perfect place to relax and enjoy the company of old friends and new ones as well!  We had 22 coaches sign up but several had to drop out for various reasons. It was nice that Bret & Laura Medbury stopped by to say Hello to all.  We enjoyed happy hour seated in a large circle of lawn chairs and introductions and comments made visiting for all a bit easier. Name tags helped a lot.  A heart-felt toast was given in honor of members lost recently and over the past several years.  Animated conversations continued into the evening as we enjoyed drinks, hors d’oeuvres and desserts.

As always, this rally adhered to the KISS theory, so everyone was on their own for entertaining themselves.  Good turnouts for breakfast started the morning with good conversation and making plans for the day.  Mike was always up early to make sure the coffee was made. Fruit, yogurt, granola and a variety of breads with cream cheese and jam was provided. We all enjoyed our campsites near the shore with the ever-changing views of impressive boats & ships, gulls & blue herons. During the day, a group of our ladies walked into town to check out the fine consignment shop and others in fine historic buildings. Potluck on Wednesday was enjoyed by all, especially the desserts.

Thursday and Friday also saw us out and about.  Ten of us had the company of our dogs.  We walked, biked, hoofed it into town to the huge antique shop & galleries, played Corn Hole, and shared RV interior ideas and resolved a problem or two.  Thursday’s dinner was ‘on your own’ and ‘The Dock’ was a simple walk for good meals, sundaes & drinks. There was an outside music event called “Concerts on the Dock”.  The music was very good, and the crowd was fun to watch as they danced the night away.  On Friday, we all had prepared well for our potluck dinner.  A nice group gathered around a propane campfire into the evening.

Saturday, several people went to the “Saturday Market” with its good vegetables, sweets and beautifully made crafts.  Mike Ashbridge made arrangements at the Northwest Maritime Center for eight of us to try a simulator they use to train pilots on to bring in the big cargo ships.  They gave us a Coast Guard Cutter to pilot our way around unexpected obstacles — sailboats, a ferry, an aircraft carrier, rough seas and snow – as we attempted to rescue a ‘Man Overboard’ who was floundering in the water.  P.S.  I think the poor guy drowned.   Dinner of pizza and sub sandwiches was provided in camp that evening. Honorary member, Sue Bjornson, visited and ate with us.  All were happy to see her.  A membership quorum was present so Mike held a short business meeting and David Pierce took minutes.  Those of the most recent meeting were approved and Irva gave us a current treasurer’s report. There was discussion re: the on-going subject of an AED for the club, and when put to a vote, it was decided to abandon this effort.  In any emergency, the club would continue to rely on a reliable 911 response. Those who donated to the AED fund could choose to be reimbursed. 

Game time!  Guest, Erica Roberts, introduced the group to the dice game of LCR  (Left, Center, Right).  The ‘kitty’ for both games amounted to all the quarters that had been ‘in play’.  Shannon Dennis and Jeanette Block were the big winners. 


See you down the road, 

Ron and Mary


Rally website report:  Mahugh; J.Block

Photo credits:  Mahugh; Block; Pierce; Walczak



Port Townsend Trek Rally


Members:  Ron Mahugh & Mary Burchett, wagonmasters;  Mike & Lynn Ashbridge; David & Sue Pierce;

Penny Paschall; Lee Buckley; Rodger & Colleen Wright; Jo Ruby; Ed & Jeanette Block; Bob & Linda Fitzgerald; Dick & Nancy Harris; Jeffrey & Shannon Dennis; Wojo & Kathleen Walczak; Don & Lucy Reed; Duane & Kathy Klopfenstein; Craig & Vicki Haflinger.    Others:  Bob Edwards & guest; Erika Roberts & guest; Paige Ropac