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2023 Coburg/Armitage FMCA Pre-Rally


Coburg/Armitage Park FMCA Pre-Rally Report

June 3rd – June 6, 2023


Wagon Masters Al and Elaine Zimmerman along with Wojo and Kathleen arrived at Armitage Park just north of Eugene on Coburg Road on Friday, June 2.  Since there is no meeting room at Armitage, the key task was to set up canopies for shade.  The other important task was to set up the camp kitchen with Coleman stoves and a prep area.

There were 13 Rvs rolled in on Saturday.  There were several new people that were added to our Trek family.  Ed Pratt from Roseburg, Don and Lucy Reed from Nipono, California, John Herold (webmaster) and Becky from Bay City, Oregon attended their first rally, and Rick and Kristine Hecks had just purchased their Trek and joined NWTFC.  Tom and Lisa Maxey were guests of Glen Schweizer and Valeta Weaver.  We were surprised to discover that Chuck and Barbara Hasman, former NWTFC members, just happened to be camped at Armitage.  They joined us for the rally.  Penny Paschall had mechanical problems near Fife, so she was not able to join us.

The rally began with a progressive dinner.  Attendees were divided into groups of 5 – 7.  Each RV hosted a course of the dinner.  Members enjoyed fellowship around the tables and visiting the different coaches.  We met back together for dessert.

Sunday started with pancakes, sausage, and scrambled eggs.  Mike Ashbridge faithfully started the coffee each morning.  Then it was off to the Cascade Raptor Center in West Eugene.  Following a program by a couple staff members and meeting Valentino, a great horned owl, the group spread out to visit the rest of the birds that were on exhibit.  These included owls, hawks, eagles, osprey, kestrels, and more.

Dinner on Saturday evening was spaghetti with salad and garlic French bread.  We discovered what a baker Kathleen Walczak is.  Three different kinds of homemade pie and ice cream were featured – but that wasn’t all – she also had fresh muffins each mornings.  Following dinner there was a scavenger hunt – the last item was a riddle to solve.  Elaine Zimmerman was the judge and she was stickler on what items qualified.  Lee Buckley was the winner, followed by Valeta Weaver and Glenn Schweizer, and 3rd place went to John and Marie Turner.

Following breakfast on Monday, everyone had free time to explore the area or just relax.  Dinner was pizza from the Coburg Pizza Company.  There were seven different kinds of pizza, so everyone got to try their favorite or something new, perhaps with one made with chevre (goat cheese).  Straightline RV and Boat Repair of Springfield provided an informative presentation on exterior maintenance and repairs.  With the age of our Treks things begin to happen – cracks, chips, dings, and corrosion take their toll.  A brief business meeting provided an update on club and FMCA happenings.

Tuesday morning, after a final continental breakfast, it was time to travel to the next destination.  6 of us assembled for a caravan to the FMCA NW Area Rally in Albany. As we passed OR 34, Dick and Nancy Harris became the tail gunner.


– Jeanette Block, NWTFC Historian