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Alaska 2007

Alaska Trek Travels 2007

June 8 to August 6 ( highlights only)

Group PictureOn June 8, six Treks (Al and Cathy Cooper; Pat and Arne Bohn; Win and Betty Tweedie; Don and Merna Price; Bob and Peggy Beers, Wagon Masters; Janna Caughron and Wayne Vandergriff) met at Quesnel, BC to begin a two-month trip to Alaska. A seventh coach (George Vlases and Marcia Ellison) joined our group in Tok. (George and Marcia, plus picture taker Bob Beers, are absent from the group picture).

From there we headed north on the Alaska Highway. Some high lights were:

Azouzetta Lake Lodge is just past Pine Pass, (elevation 3061 ft), the lowest Rocky Mt. pass in Canada. Unusual mountains of gray stone with evergreen trees on the lower slopes, and pretty lake.

Liard Hot Springs is a large natural springs, with pools of varying temperatures, and a resident herd of bison.

Mukluk Annie’s Barbecue: Free dry camping on beautiful lake and boat ride included with dinner.

Whitehorse, YT: First of the major gold rush towns with museums, gold dredge, and restored river boat.

Dawson City, YT: One of the best preserved gold rush towns, with mostly old restored buildings, lots to see and do. From Dawson City, we crossed the Yukon River on a very small ferry and traveled across the rugged but very beautiful Top of the World Hwy. to Chicken, AK, all three buildings! Several of our Trekers panned for gold there – and found some!

Fairbanks, AK was the next big stop. We took a river boat ride on the Chena and Tanana Rivers, touring a native fish camp with demos in hunting, animal hide uses, beautiful beaded and embroidered hide garments, dog sled demos, etc. One evening we attended a show at the Malamute Saloon, at Ester Gold Camp, plus lots of other things to see and do.

Denali National Park: Took an 8 hr. bus ride into the backcountry. (Private cars only allowed to drive in 15 miles). Our bus driver, Wendy, was a terrific guide. She knew lots of information about the park and where we’d likely see animals. The best was a bear mom and yearling cub that stood around and rubbed against a sign long enough for all of the passengers to get great pictures!

Anchorage is a big city, but has several fine museums and was a good place to restock Treks and shop for souvenirs at good prices.

Kenai Peninsula, Russian River, Homer: This area is known for great fishing in several rivers, especially late summer for the salmon runs. When we first arrived at camp in Kenai (town), people (100 or more) were standing approximately 10 feet apart with big dip nets up and down both sides in the river. Whole families camp on the beach and try to net salmon by standing chest deep in almost ice cold water, approx. 45 degrees Fahrenheit. One king salmon we saw pulled out appeared to be about 4-5 feet long, and probably weighed 30-45 pounds. It was as big as some of the children running around. Only Alaska residents are allowed to dip net and there is a strict quota per family. At Kenai, Bob, Win, Al, and Betty went on a fly-in salmon/bear watching trip to a lake, fishing just a few feet from black and grizzly bears. Homer is a quaint fishing town on a long sand spit, facing 5 dormant or napping volcanoes across the inlet.

At Seward, AK, we camped on the shore of Prince William Sound, took a fantastic glacier and sea life watching trip, including seeing a rescued elephant seal released into the sea.

From Seward we headed back to Tok, AK, as there is no other highway heading south to Haines, AK. The highway is bumpy from frost heaves caused by permafrost melt/freeze. Matanuska Glacier (27 miles long and 2-4 miles wide) is very large and impressive, although due to the cloudy weather, we could only see a small part of it. We were not able to see the beautiful Wrangell Mountains, which include Mt. Sanford, a dormant volcano, plus Mt. Drum (12,010 ft. and rumbling at times) other mountains ranging from 8,147 to 13, 421 feet, due to the overcast.

The scenery from Tok, AK, through a small piece of Canada, to Haines, AK was spectacular. The cotton grasses alongside the road were red/golden color, and looked like silk cloths were waving in the breeze and the wild flowers are amazing. We drove alongside huge, turquoise Kluane Lake. Many streams, rivers, and lakes, surrounded by spectacular mountains show signs of their volcanic past. We saw several bear, moose, eagles and small animals along the way.

Haines is small, friendly, historic town, part of gold rush history. From there we loaded the Treks on an Alaska State Ferry to Skagway, near the famous gold rush Chilkoot and White Pass Trails. It is very much a tourist town, with cruise ships daily, but has a lot of original history, too. We took a very informative ranger walk around the site of Dyea, the base camp for the Chilkoot Trail.

We drove up White Pass back to Canada, and turned south on the Cassiar Hwy. It’s not a good as the more traveled Alaska Hwy, but after leaving a construction area caused by landslides earlier in the year, the road became a nice two-lane highway passing through very beautiful country.

Our last group stop was at Stewart, BC/Hyder, AK. The towns are 1 ½ Miles apart. In Hyder, the Ak Parks Dept. have a boardwalk viewing area overlooking a salmon spawning river. In the evening, we saw a mother grizzly and 3 yearling cubs, 2 eagles, and a huge male grizzly (he chased the mother and cubs away!)IMG_0835_2

Then the Trekers sadly said goodbye for now and headed in different directions.

Alaska 2007 NWTFC Rally Itinerary

Revision: August 25, 2006

Revision (A) November 26, 2006

Revision (B) February 28, 2007

Revision (C) April 7, 2007


When: June 10

Where: Meet at Barkerville (51 miles east of Quesnel BC on Hwy 26)

Camp at Group Campground, 1 mile from Barkerville.

Barkerville is a very interesting historic mining town staffed with costumed guides. We will review our final travel plans in detail here, plus  get acquainted, etc. Tonight will be pot luck dinner so be prepared. Visit Barkerville until about 1:00 PM June 11 then on the road


June 11: 130 miles To Hartway RV Park in Prince George (MP 6.4 Hwy 97)

We stock up on provisions and fueling location


June 12: 116 Miles to Azouzeta Lake Lodge (MP 122.4 Hwy 97)


June 13: 86 Miles to Moberly Lake Lodge: At Chetwynd (MP 184.9 turn left on  Hudson’s Hope Loop about 20 miles to Camp site.

Lunch at Chetwynd, (MP,PG187.6) Chainsaw sculpture capital of the world. This is touted to be a very beautiful area and highlights two dams open for Tours, This is also a favorite trout fishing lake for locals and  9 hole golf course.


June 14: 112 Mile to Dawson Creek, Tubby’s RV.

Dawson Creek, Mile Post ‘0’ Alaska Highway – your picture taken  Visitor Info Center – a must do museum Pioneer Village & Gardens      

Win & Betty Tweedie have some goodies lined for us here.


June 15: 283 Miles to Ft Nelson (Alaska Hwy MP283) West end RV Camp Ground

 Ft Nelson Heritage Museum,  Phoenix Theatre, Welcome Visitor Center


June 16: 194 Miles to Laird River Hot Springs Lodge & Camp Ground (MP477.7)

Stop for fantastic cinnamon rolls at Tesla River Outfitters. Interesting old log

Structures Muncho Lk is very beautiful projecting colors when the sun is shining.

Laird Hot Springs Lodge & Campground is our home tonight Enjoy the Beautiful and famous hot springs. You might plan to enjoy hot springs evening and next morning.  Watch for bears!!!!!

June 17: 35 miles to Watson Lake (MP613)

Camp at Camp Ground Services Park MP 618 Teeter Creek with trail to a falls.

MP630 is Smith River Falls.

Sign Post Forest. (We need to leave a NWTFC sign) Try to find the “Entering Black Diamond” sign we left in 2002.

Northern Lights Center/Museum-(wonderful) Optional Side trip to Simpson Lake on Campbell Highway 120 Miles

 June 18/19: 163 Miles to Mukluk Annie’s (MP785)

            MP 698 Continental Divide

            Beautiful scenery of Cassiar Mountains,

 Largest drainage system in North America

MP 776 north side of Nisutlin Bridge-pullout, scenery, many birds

MP 779.1, Tlingit Heritage Center Great little Indian Museum

Camp at Mukluk Annie’s (a very memorable experience)

            Dry camping w/ water & dump station

            Wonderful Salmon Bake dinner

            Yukon Breakfast, Blueberry Pancakes etc. on the 19th

            Free, do it yourself, RV wash

            Free nightly houseboat rides (limited space)

            Guide fishing for Northern Pike or fish from shore

            George Johnson Museum in Teslin


June 20/21 102 miles to Whitehorse. (MP884)Hi Country RV Park

MP 836 Teslin River, 10-15” Grayling

MP881.7, Miles Canyon. 1.7 mile hike/ beautiful

Hi Country RV Park

Yukon Beringaria Interpretive Center

SS Klondike Sternwheeler

Sam McGee’s Cabin

Early Anglican Old Log Church


June 22: 147 Miles to Minto Resort. (MP 146 Hwy 2)

At MP 894.8 turn north on Klondike Hwy 2  MP 20.3 is Mom’s for Brekky. Sour Dough Bread and Pan Cakes.   Lake Labarge has trout, grayling & northern pike

“The Northern Lights have seen queer sights. But the queerest they ever did see, was that night on the marge of Lake Labarge I cremated Sam Mc Gee” By Robert W. Service.

MP 102 Carmack’s Tage Cho Hudon Interpretative Center (small but excellent)

MP 116.3 Five Fingers Rapids are awesome on Yukon River

MP 125.5 photo place for Yukon River

Minto Resort is a nice rustic camp on the Yukon River.

Fishing good in river-Bob caught his first fish on a fly here in 2002

We have covered area for pot luck etc


June 23 : 96 miles to Mayo (MP32, Hwy11) Bedrock Motel (Dry Camp)

MP 168/Hwy 2, Pelly Crossing for Lattes (neat ole place)

At MP212/Stewart Crossing  turn right on Hwy 11/ Silver Trail

            Side trip to the old mining town of Keno. 74 Miles round trip

Dirt road but Trek passable. Small restaurant, bakery, museum.

Deer and maybe a bear. Fishing at Mayo Lk.

Prince of Whales Marker, Binet House


June 24,25,26: 144 Miles to Dawson City (MP323 Hwy 2)Gold Rush Camp Ground

MP226.4/Hwy2, Moose Creek Lodge (A must for Yukon Travelers)

MP286.1/Hwy2, Tintina Trench, Largest earth fault in North America

Gold Rush Camp Ground in Downtown Dawson City

There are many things to do and see in Dawson City

Possible air tour to Inuvik on the Artic Ocean

Listen for the ravens at camp site


June27: 110 Miles to Chicken Alaska. (MP110) Gold Camp .

At Dawson City (MP00) we cross the Yukon River on a ferry that handles

Two RV’s at a time so a three hour wait is not uncommon.

MP2.9, Dawson City overlook which is a must see.

This road has fantastic scenery, is narrow with many  RVs and big trucks

so drive defensively and cautiously.

A lot of good fishing in this area so the fisherman will be stopping to wet a line here and there.

MP64.1, Turn out with big sign about “Top of The World Highway”

 Between MP54 and the Alaska border at MP66.1 you might see Grizzlies

Over the bank on the left side of the road so stop now and then and take

 a look.

MP66.1 Yukon/Alaska border so have passports etc ready.

MP78.8 Intersection with Alaska Route 5. Turn left toward Tetlin

Junction. This is MP 95.7 of Route 5

MP86.1 See the old Jack Wade #1 Dredge

MP66.6 turn off to Chicken where we stay at the Gold Camp Camp

 Ground . See ‘Pedro the gold dredge’ The old town of chicken consists

 of three buildings (shacks) but food in restaurant is superb. There is also a

‘Chicken Airline’ that brings the mail in a couple times a week weather

 permitting. We have a deck area for happy hour/potluck


June: 28/29/30  86 Miles Leave around noon, for Toke Junction. MP1313.4

(Ahhh, back to civilization)!!!

MP35.1 is a beautiful viewing site.

MP00-intersection with Alaska Highway Turn Right to Toke Junction

Toke RV Village is our home for two nights.

This is a large  and modern park with all the conveniences. They have an RV wash rack  where you wash your own rig for a small fee.

There is a RV repair facility about a block away,(need reservations)

 Major tire store etc.

 Toke is the place to get your Trek  ready for the rest of the trip.


July 1: 164 miles toBig Delta State Historical Park MP 275/ Richardson Hwy

                    At 108 miles we arrive at Delta Junction which is the end of the

Alaska Highway. Get pictures of the sign post etc. We are now on the

 Richardson Highway which will take us to Fairbanks. MP numbers are

 from Valdez. We will stop just north of Delta Junction, MP270,  at

Nickay’s Country Garden for delicious fresh produce. A very beautiful

 farm, garden and Greenhouse.

MP 275 is Rika’s Roadhouse and the fur shack at Big Delta State Park,

 Very historic place and great view of Alaska Pipe Line crossing the

 Tanana river.


July:2/3/4:  (87 miles) to Fairbanks, River’s Edge RV Park MP362

MP 332.3 ‘Knotty Shop’ which specializes in burl wood items which

Is quite nice stuff. Also a small free museum.

MP348 brings us to North Pole and Santa Clause House. Very commercial but interesting.

There are all kinds of things to see and do in Fairbanks.

Your program will include a River Boat ‘Discovery’ trip up the Chena River to the Tanana River. Third Generation River Captains will expose you to; a Native Summer hunting and fishing camp, sled dog training, leather & bead work. Nothing is for sale other than the booze on the boat. This will be one of the highlights of your trip.

We enjoyed the Farmers Market, Wed  11:00AM to 4:00PM

Nine miles south is the old town of Ester, Malamute Saloon evening show, ‘The Shooting of Dan McGrew’ is included in your trip… This will be a really fun evening. This is not the real Malamute Saloon from Robert Service’s poem, but a good show and fun place.

Fairbanks Historic District: We have not been there but understand it is one of those ‘do not miss’ places.


July 4th is Bob’s 77th Birthday so we celebrate


 July:5/6  124 miles to Denali Grizzly Bear RV Park MP F124

                        MP F58, Small town of Nenana. Located at the junction of the Nenana

 and Tanana rivers. This is where the international Nenana Ice Classic is

held. People from all over the world bet on when the river ice will break

 up. Unusual and beautiful St Marks Mission Church.


July 6: Denali Park eight hour bus tour is included in your trip. They say you will be lucky to see Mt Mc Kinley but it has been beautiful the three times  I have been there. Friends have told me they’ve been there for a week and  never saw the Mountain. In 2002 we saw mountain goats, eagles,  Caribou, fox, black bear and a grizzly right along side the bus.


 July 7: 182 Miles to Big Lake Alaska State Park, MP F305.7: Turn right and follow North Camp signs.

Bob’s ex sister in law and family have a beautiful place right on the lake and next to the State Park, North.  Husband, Lee is noted for his BBQ Baby back ribs that he is cooking up for us. We provide beans salad and booze.


If you want to pass on this stop and spend a third  night at Denali, let us know and call Grizzly at 866-583-2696 for your reservation.


July 8/9/10: 53 miles to Anchorage, Ship Creek Landings RV Park

            Full hook ups but a plain Jane Park. Walking distance to fishing, Ulu

            Knife factory, down town Anchorage.

Reindeer dogs at a stand in front of the Court House are fantastic.

Great Museum at the Court House.

Good place to purchase souvenirs as many stores compete for your Business.

Earthquake Memorial. A great view of the big one.

Full service RV and mechanical facilities.


July 11/12: 99 Miles to Cooper Landing, Russian River NFSC

As we leave Anchorage we will be traveling along Cook Inlet where theScenery is awesome and wildlife abounds. This will be an ‘Enjoy thescenery day’. Cooper is a very small community, about a mile from the camp, that caters to fisher people.  I caught a 22″ rainbow on my fly rodjust down the bank from the camp. It is catch & release however on rainbow. We should be there for a salmon run where you will experience shoulder to shoulder fisher people but the Salmon are Superb. This is a place where you relax and enjoy nature.We will be fishing here so you non fisher folks get a plan to entertain yourselves.


July 13/14/15:  59 Miles to Kenai, ACOA Beluga RV Park

This is a very beautiful setting where the Kenai river meets the Cook inlet.  We are on a 200+foot cliff looking down at the river. Locals are allowed  to net salmon at this point in the river and it is very entertaining. The fisher people will probably go to Soldotna to fish the river there. Kenai/ Soldotna are interesting small towns.


July 16/17 ( 53 )Miles to Ocean View RV Park in Ninilchik

The drive to Homer is awesome . Mountains, Volcanoes, Glaciers. Take the Kalifornsky Beach Road from Kenai Camp is on the beach and very nice.  Homer (35 miles away)has some unique museums and shops, etc.  However the biggie here is: Halibut fishing. In 2002 Bob hauled in 13 in one day. The limit is two and Bob kept just the 45 pounder. Had it frozen and sent home. We need to make boat reservations in advance at the camp ground. $170.00 per person


July 18/19: (173) To Seward. Municipal Camp Ground (Dry Camp)

                        Sea life center is marvelous.

                        Kenai Fjords 6 hour tour is part of your package.  Whales, Glaciers,

 lunch etc.

Exit Glacier is about 10 miles north of town

                        Huge fishing town.


July 20:  (Miles) to Portage Glacier, Williwaw USFS Camp Ground

                        This is a beautiful location as you look up into Explorer, Middle & Byron


You can also take the Ptarmigan tour boat right up to Portage Glacier

 and may even see it calfing ice into the lake.

Very interesting Glacier Museum.

                        Just lay back and relax. Or go catch fish.


July 21: (200 miles) to Glennallen Toisona RV Camp MP A170 Hwy 1

                        MP 1185 Rest Area has beautiful view across valley to glacier

                        We have a great story about this stop

                        This is a very beautiful drive so have camera ready

                        We are camped right on the river and fish are there


July 22: 158 Miles to Toke RV Village. MP  1313.4 Alaska Hwy

                        This is just a quicky overnight stop.


July 23: 144 Miles to White River RV Camp MP 1169 Alaska Hwy


July 24:  184 Miles to Haines FAS Gas Station & RV Park, MP 985 Alaska Hwy


July 25/26/27: 220 Miles to Haines Hitchup RV Park

                        This is a very beautiful drive with many lakes and mountains

                        See the Grizzlies at the creek as we enter town

                        Lots of Indian history, Beautiful Camp Site, Great museum

                        Fjordland Express has a day trip catamaran to Juneau from Haines

                        We need to be at the Ferry Dock by 4:00AM on July 28 so get

                        everything ready to roll  tonite.


July 28/29: 6:00AM ferry (Included)to Skagway Mountain View RV Park

                        Skagway is the place that the gold seekers got off ships and started their

 long trek over the mountains to Dawson Creek. The town has been

restored to that time frame and is very interesting.

The Skagway train is colorful but expensive. You will see just as much as we drive out tomorrow. However the train is a neat experience.


July 30/31: (90 Miles) to Tagish Store Camp

                        The drive from Skagway to Carcross will provide much gold rush history

 as well as awesome scenery of mountains, glaciers,

 the Chilcot Trail, etc

The first part is also a long hard pull but it is worth it.

At Carcross turn right on Hwy  8 to Tagish

You might look at things to do & see a short distance north on Hwy 2

On the 31st we will do a 120 mile side trip to Atlin by toad


Aug 1: 100 Miles to Rancheria Inn MP 710 Alaska Hwy

                        Just an overnight stop. But fishing available


Aug 2: 136 Miles to Cassiar Mountain Jade Shop MP 74.8 Cassiar Hwy

            There are active jade mines here with several jade shops

            This is free parking so wherever you find a spot


Aug 3: 217 Miles to Bell ll Lodge MP 292 Cassiar Hwy


Aug 4/5: 102 Miles to Hyder

                        Hyder is the home of the Grizzlies

                        Ferries are available here if you wished to leave your Trek here and

 take a Ferry to Ketchican, Juneau etc


August 6: (150 miles) to Kitwanga

                        End of Rally Party Time



To the east on Hwy 16 there are some great fishing lakes and takes you to Prince George

To the west is Prince Rupert which is a ferry terminal. You could take a ferry to Washington which would be expensive and not all that pretty.

If you have a desire to see the inside passage to Alaska which is very beautiful and exciting as the ferry maneuvers through very narrow passages, you might consider leaving the Trek in Prince Rupert and doing a round trip ferry to Juneau and return. You can jump off the ferry to visit places and then catch the next ferry. You would need to make accommodation reservations while you were on land but we found prices to be acceptable. This would be much cheaper than taking the Trek on the ferry.

For more ferry info. Go to Alaska

Note: If you have added any length to your Trek (racks etc) that you can not remove for the ferry between Haines and Skagway, please let us know as there will be additional charges for that extra length.

THERE WILL BE A $50.00 MINIMUM CHARGE FOR ALL CHANGES MADE FROM NOW ON. Any fees we can not reclaim will also be deducted from your refund.


Get informed: A publication, ‘The Mile Post” is the very best guide you can buy for Alaska Highway Travel Information. Get a 2007 publication as it is updated annually. Some good WEB sites are:,, Books: Alaska, Insights/ guides by Houghton Mifflin Co., Alaska, Off The Beaten Path By Mike Miller, Frommer’s Alaska. You might check used book stores for these.

(UPDATED ADDITION FOR THOSE READING AFTER THE RALLY:  Another guide for all things on RV travel can be found at this site: – NWTFC Webmaster)

Experienced Rally Hosts: Bob drove the Alcan the first time in 1951 with a new Ford sedan. It was a total wreck when we arrived in Seattle. He did motor home trips from Seattle to Alaska in 1985, 1991 and 2002 so he has some idea on how to prepare, where to go, etc. Peggy did the 2002 trip so she has good input also.

We have Trek friends in Fairbanks and family in Anchorage area which helps identify new things to do and  see. Bob has put together many bicycle and ski trips. He and Peggy have also arranged several Motor Home Rallies.

The Trip: Will be about 5,200 miles.  60 nights of camping and a few special events is planned to be less than $2500 which you will pay to us. We are personally budgeting $6,000.00 for the entire trip.

Preparing the Trek:  You can get a variety of input on this subject, from ‘I would never do it again’ to ‘just jump in and go’.

On my first trip in 1985 we had a new 24′ Diesel Alumilite which had several fuel problems due to a production problem. Also lost the alternator at Watson Lake. A guy there rebuilt the alternator within an hour. In 1991, it was a jump in and go with a 1981 27′ Winnebago and we had one flat tire across the street from a tire shop in Toke Junction. In 2002, with a 1995 25′ Flair, a wire broke in the electric radiator cooling fan. I repaired it in the Toke Camp Ground.  We also had a flat tire due to a bad valve in the Kenai campground.  Our road service fixed it.

Make sure your Trek is in good condition:

    1. Have it serviced by a reputable motor home service establishment.
    2. Make sure they know you are going on a trip to Alaska. This will cause them to pay particular attention to things like belts and hoses.
    3. Have them check suspension and steering for any potential problems. We will experience construction areas and they are a real test for these systems. Have transmission serviced if you have more than 7,500 miles since it was last serviced.
    4. Bring an extra air and fuel filter. If you have a K&M filter, bring a filter cleaning kit.
    5. Chatted with some folks yesterday that lost a fuel tank on their Alaska trip. So—make sure straps that hold fuel tank are tight and double lock nutted.
    6. If you are fussy about the kind of oil you use, bring some along.  I carry a gallon of antifreeze and a can of brake fluid. I have never used any but who knows?
    7. Plan on replacing your windshields when you get home. If you don’t have to, consider it a bonus.
    8. There will be a lot of dust from road construction areas or if you do any of the side trips, so make sure all door seals are in good condition.
    9. I do not carry a spare tire but I do have all the tools to change a tire on my Trek On the three trips we have taken to Alaska we had one flat and that was in Toke Junction and across the street from a tire shop. You do not need traction tires. I always carry chains but have never used them.


If you tow a vehicle or boat you will want to protect the front of it as there will be flying rocks. Protecting the front of the Trek is an individual thing, from covering the entire front end to doing nothing. On previous trips we just covered the grille and headlights with ¼ inch steel mech. Just taped it on with duct tape. On our 2004 the entire front is covered with a plastic material so we will do nothing more.


    1. Get a Canadian insurance card from your insurance provider. .
    2. We recommend you have a road service insurance that provides unlimited towing. In the event of a break down it may be a very long tow to a qualified repair facility.
    3. Other than side trips, the only non-paved roads we may encounter are between Dawson City and Toke Junction, (top of the world highway). Even these roads are in the process of being paved. There will be construction. On our 2002 trip we experienced about 250 miles. Speed limit on these is 25-35MPH. We will know where construction is before we leave.


If you have preparation questions, please give us an email with your concerns.

Personal: You must have a copy of your birth certificate or a Passport and also a picture identification such as a driver’s license. If you have pets, please check the border crossing requirements going into Canada and the USA.

Alaska 2007 NWTFC Rally

Rally Leaders: Bob & Peggy Beers

What:                          Alaska Tour

Where:                       Originating at Barkersville, BC, touring Alaska and ending at Kitwanga, BC.

When:                         June 10, 2007 to approximately August 05, 2007

Wagon Masters:        Bob and Peggy Beers


Bob and Peggy are spending a lot of time and effort  time putting together the Alaska 2007 Rally.  The plan is to meet at Barkersville, BC, on June 20 and end the rally at Kitwanga, BC, about August 15.


The trip will cover about 5,200 miles, so we estimate about $2600 for fuel.  Fifty nights of camping will cost about $1500. Add ins for food, souvenirs, museums, entertainment, fishing, etc., will bump the cost, so we personally are budgeting about $6,000 for the trip. As we get reservations confirmed we can put better costs together.

A maximum of 11 Treks can be included in this rally.  Those interested should email Bob at


The first cut at the overall itinerary is together and posted. Use the Developing Itinerary button above to check it out.  Revisions to the itinerary will be posted as they come in.  If you have comments or suggestions for the Itinerary feel free to email Bob.  We’ll update and improve the map as the Itinerary is finalized.


Bob has RVed Alaska in the past and has put together some sage advice for all potential Rally attendees.  View it with the Things to Know button above.  Revisions and Updates to this document will also be posted as they come in.