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Albany 2006

FMCA NW RALLY – Albany  June 8-11, ‘2006

          Couples in attendance:  Barkers, Blocks, Browns, Eddys, Hollisters,  Keelers, Knights, Nemishs & Schindlers — also the Isoms, as day guests, & the Goeddes, NWTFC members who were attending with another chapter.

Our caravan found no delay as we approached the Linn County Fairgrounds but most chapters had already filled all paved areas.  To our delight, our nine Treks were led to a row of especially generous spaces that had not been requested by handicapped members . . . a stone’s throw from the dining hall!  Gene requested 18 volunteer ribbons so we all got to attend the fine catered Volunteer Dinner that evening.  The prize committee set up the booth with Judy & Jeanette’s banners & decorations, and chose gifts for Thursday’s prize winners.  After breakfast and the opening meeting, quite a crowd gathered at the prize booth excitedly watching as Gene called out the first day’s 30 winning FMCA #s from the official printout of attendees — and they were written on the board.   Like all chapters, our club gave a ($25) donation.  We thank our member, Suzan Williams, for donating two of her fine handmade animal-print tote bags!  They were a hit — as was the denim shirt with striking NW mountain embroidery donated by the company who does our club logo.  Approx. 120 gifts were claimed over the 3-day rally.

All our members helped with the booth or had other rally obligations, like Greg Hollister, who assisted FMCA NW Webmaster, Bob Gummersall.  The two gave an informative Internet/club website seminar using our fine NWTFC site and a “bare bones” site from another chapter who use theirs purely for club member info & communication.  We still found time to attend seminars or RV safety class, make crafts or attend the Red Hat luncheon – even religious services on-site.   Jeanette set up a NWTFC display for the Chapter Fair — with a 1950’s theme – joining 15 other chapters.  Only eight participated as costumed clubs in the Rock ‘n Roll & Rally theme parade, but it was pretty entertaining.  The vendors & swap meet satisfied shoppers and excellent catered breakfasts & dinners and ice cream sundaes satisfied our appetites!

When the prize booth closed each day, our members were able to meet for parking lot gatherings with lawn chairs, snacks & stories.  Ed, Barb, & Judy met for a board meeting and a general meeting was held on Friday.

Terrific entertainment included a couple evenings of hilarious comedy & a step back in time with first-rate Elvis & Marilyn Monroe impersonators!  Every day the “Frustrated Maestros” chapter started our days with joyful & silly songs and also good patriotic tunes for our rally gatherings.  There were also ‘50’s costume and hula hoop contests.  Good effort Judy S. & Barb B.!!  Sure was easier nearly 50 years ago . . .huh?

The rally closed Sunday with an FMCA general meeting of the NW Motorhome Assoc.   Ed, our club president, and Judy S., our FMCA Natl. Director (& spouses) attended.  Their votes were required during the election of area officers.

Report:  J. Block



By the Way – it has been mentioned many times that NWTFC members never seem to win door prizes at the NorthWest FMCA rallies.  That really seems appropriate seeings as how we run it.


Well – paparazzi at large Roy Barker proved this not to be true.  The evidence is here in his set of Pulitzer prize candidate photos.   Names are being withheld to protect the innocent.