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Keeler’s ‘Bones & Beans’ 2008

Bones & Beans Rally
September 18 – 21, 2008

This rally was a pre-rally to the Monaco Home Coming Rally and this rally was held at the Keeler Ranch and hosted by Lee & Judy Keeler.  There were 13 coaches and 25 attendees.

Breakfast was served on Friday and Saturday morning, Hamburgers and Hot Dogs were served on Friday night along with contributions from the members. Ribs and Chicken dinner was served on Saturday night along with cake and ice cream. The cake was decorated with the NWTFC logo. A friend of the Keeler’s made the cake.

On Friday, Doug & Vera Clark hosted a get together on boon docking as well as fulltime living in your RV. Doug & Vera have lived in an RV for over 15 years and gave us all wonderful ideas and things to dream about.

A business meeting was held Friday Afternoon and the minutes from that meeting will be discussed in a separate form.

On Saturday Rob, from Henderson Alignment in Grants Pass hosted a get together about suspension and alignment improvements.

We also had a show and tell on the changes and improvements that many have done to their coaches. This was a great event and very rewarding to many of us.

The weather was fantastic and the rain held off for most of the time.

We have had many responses from those who attended that said this was the best rally they had ever attended.

We look forward to doing this again in the coming years. It was our pleasure to cook for all of you.

Respectfully submitted,
Lee & Judy Keeler