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Brooks ‘Antique Powerland Rally’ 2016

Antique Powerland Pre Rally in Brooks, OR

Ten Treks rallied at Brooks, OR on Sunday, June 19 to 22 at Antique Powerland. Our rigs got nice, grassy spots with electricity and water…and we were the only rigs occupying spaces.

Those attending the rally were:
Mike & Lynn Asbridge, Bob & Peggy Beers, Penny and Ben Pascal, Jack & Joann Lindhorst, Dan & Debbie Maas, Bill & Joan Quant, Bill & Paula Shull, Steve Webber-Plank, Tom & Pat Wilhelm, and Ken and Helen Anderson.

Soon after our arrival we got a ride on the electric trolley and a visit to the trolley warehouse where trollies were being restored. Then we gathered to enjoy our traditional potluck of heavy hors d’oeuvres, renew old friendships, and meet Bill and Joan Quant who were attending their first NWTFC rally.

Powerland Campground (1)Antique Powerland is a collection of museums for power equipment, such as farm machinery, commercial trucks, trains, construction equipment, and the engines which power them. It was initially established by a group of enthusiasts “dedicated to the preservation, restoration and demonstration of steam powered equipment, antique farm machinery and implements. In our free time, we explored the grounds and enjoyed the antique machinery. Who knew this unique site existed. How lucky we were to explore it.

Wilhelms set up a tour for us of the Covanta Waste to Energy Plant just minutes from where we were camping. Covanta is one of the world’s largest providers of Energy-from-Waste solutions and has over 50 facilities around the world making them a leader in sustainable waste and energy solutions. This tour was most interesting and enjoyed by all of us.

The “treat” of the rally was a delicious breakfast that we enjoyed at the Wilhelm’s home in the beautiful countryside again just minutes from the campground. Wilhelms went all out with a yummy French toast casserole, pancakes and syrup, brats, yogurt, fresh fruit, juices, coffee. We ate outside and enjoyed the wonderful breakfast, sunny day, and each other. You can’t ask for more than that.

Each evening we gathered for “happy hour” time together. We had two potlucks and one evening we enjoyed good, generous portions of Chinese food at a restaurant nearby. At one of the potlucks, Marie and John Turner joined us.

The morning the rally ended the rain came in so we stood on a covered porch for breakfast and to say our good byes. Four rigs headed to Albany for the FMCA rally and the rest headed their separate ways. As we headed out of town for our various destinations, the Wilhelms invited us over to their home for the “big dump”—aren’t they generous?!

Wagonmasters: Tom & Pat Wilhelm and Ken and Helen Anderson