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Diamond Lake 2007

NWTFC Campout at Diamond Lake
Umpqua National Forest, Oregon; Sept 13-16, 2007

Wagonmasters: Dick & Nancy Harris / John & Marie Turner
Good weather and campsites along Diamond Lake’s east shore awaited rally campers:

John & Marie Turner Dick & Nancy Harris Ed & Jeanette Block Terry & Lynne Baker Roy & Jo Barker Lou & Eileen Eddy Gene & Carol Nemish Ben Paschall & Penny Braden

Everyone had arrived by the 12th & enjoyed an impromptu hamburger fry, potluck & campfire that evening.

Thursday offered our campers a fine day to tackle the lake’s bike trail or go canoeing, relax on the shore enjoying the birds or a good book, or investigate Umpqua/Rogue River sites not on the campout itinerary. Baker’s big ‘Noofies’ & Harris’ Springer even got in a good swim or two. Weather spared us any mosquito problem and we could cope with the occasional cloud of gnats. All couples joined in for the potluck and campfire that evening.

Friday morning the weather was a little bit overcast but no one seemed to mind. All formed a caravan led by John for the drive circling beautiful Crater Lake. Some couples eagerly looked forward to their first visit to this national park. A delay and bit of teasing followed when our Prez got doused with fuel adding gas to his tank from a faulty spout and needing a change of clothes and a quick shower! We stopped at many fine vista points around the east rim and ate our sack lunches at a picnic area. Penny had everyone laughing hard there as she mistakenly took an “EYE ” picture with her new i-phone —backwards – instead of the group! With the sun occasionally peeking through bands of clouds, the lake was spectacularly blue. The group drove down to the Pinnacles to see the odd volcanic formations, then stopped at the visitor’s center for a national park film on the origins of Crater Lake and its Indian lore. The group continued to Crater Lake Lodge and then dispersed for free time until dinner. Diamond Lake Pizza was just a convenient walk from the campground with indoor seating for us all. Dick Harris came prepared to make a nightly campfire where we all could gather in its warmth. Some toasted marshmallows over the embers.

Saturday dawned clear and cool but warmed up nicely. At 10AM the rally caravanned to Cinnamon Butte Lookout for an unparalleled view of the vast forested lake region. The tower visit involved a good stair climb where Patty Tudor explained her duties as fire lookout for her 5th year. She admired our badges and she’s since been mailed a club logo pin. The trip up and down the mountain from the lookout was very dusty, but wagon master, John Turner, assured all he would take them to a car wash to remove some of the dust. The drive continued to four impressive waterfalls accessed by two short walks & a couple lengthier climbs. During our lunch break at Watson Falls, Penny found her first GPS geocache. She was thrilled. All discovered John’s promised carwash at the Toketee Falls parking lot! –a huge, leaky, redwood pipe carrying water to a power station down river – spurting powerful streams of water into the roadway. (See picture of Ed and Jeanette washing their jeep) Evening found us enjoying a barbeque/potluck with warm, apple crisp pizza and Eileen’s Tira Misu for dessert — seated around another fine campfire. Entertainment was sharing stories, joking & teasing, while energetic rally dogs, Teddy, Cooper, & Tug (95# puppy!) kept us all in stitches as they tore through the campsite after each other!

Sunday the 16th was clear and cold (32 degrees) and a campfire breakfast was planned for 8AM. The cold air didn’t keep anyone from enjoying the new experience of cooking breakfast in a pie iron. A few laughs were had by all before breakfast was over. After our meal we all broke camp to travel to our next destination. The Monaco Homecoming in Salem was the next stop for several in the group.

Sumbitted By:  John & Marie Turner