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Hardin Pre-Rally 2013

June 13-16, 2013
Hardin, MT

Original Wagonmasters:  Bob and Peggy Beers

Wagonmasters:  Gary and Karen Smith

Assistant Wagonmasters:  Al and Virginia Zimmerman

Members Joining the Group for the 88th FMCA Rally in Gillette, WY:

Jack & Joann Lindhorst, Dick and Nancy Harris, Lois & Richard Piispanen, Lee and Judy Keeler, Stan & Barb Shackell, John and Marie Turner, Bob & Maggie Stevens,  Jan & Jean van den Broek,   Wayne Vandergriff & Janna Caughran,   Al & Virginia Zimmerman

Bob and Peggy Beers had originally planned this pre-rally as a stop on the way to the 88th FMCA Family Reunion in Gillette, Wyoming.  Unfortunately, some medial issues surfaced and the Beers were not able to lead the rally.  Gary and Karen became Wagonmasters.  Al and Virginia Zimmerman were going to help with a breakfast and ended up doing more.

The rally was billed as a Safari International / NW Trek Fun Club rally.  There were about 28 coaches in Hardin.  The following NWTFC members attended:  Jack and Joann Lindhorst, Lois and Richard Piispanen, Stan and Barb Shackell, Gary and Karen Smith, Bob and Maggie Stevens, Jan and Jean van den Broek, Wayne Vandergriff and Janna Caughran, and Al and Virginia Zimmerman.

Coaches started gathering even before the official rally date.  By Thursday most everyone was present at the Grandview Campground and the opening potluck of hors-d’oeuvres was enjoyed by all.

On Friday Al Zimmerman had arranged a tour of the Little Bighorn Battlefield with the Apsaalooke Tour Company – a company owned by the Crow Indian Agency.  39 people boarded tour vans at the campground.  The first stop was the battlefield visitor center for a video on the battle, visit to the museum, and a talk by a park ranger.  Then it was off to the RenoBenteen Battlefield where the Battle of the Little Bighorn actually began.  It was interesting to hear the perspective of the native Americans.  The Crow Indians actually saw the Sioux as invaders of their land and were employed as scouts for the U.S. Army.  Additional insights were gains as we drove through the Crow Agency and saw what was happening with the Indians today.

Dinner on Friday night was Buffalo burgers at Buffalo Feathers restaurant in downtown Hardin.  Feeding these travelers was quite a stretch for the restaurant, but we all fit and were fed.

Saturday started off with a technical discussion led by Gary Smith.  The schedule for Saturday was very relaxed so some explored and others napped.  Dinner was a potluck, followed by ice cream sundaes.

Sunday was a day to travel to Gillette.  Because there was not a good rallying point on the way, all coaches were to meet at the assembly point so we could enter the Camplex in Gillette together.  Most everyone stopped for fuel and groceries for the week.   It was duly noted that Zimmermans were the last to arrive, but still at the appointed hour.

The FMCA convention was filled with many good workshops and many exhibitors with all kinds of goodies.  Wyoming thunderstorms were entertaining and brought lots of rain that turned many places at the Camplex into mud.  But usually the sun was out during the day.

Others attending the FMCA convention were Lee and Judy Keeler, John and Marie Turner, and Dick and Nancy Harris.

Submitted by Al Zimmerman