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Klamath, CA “Rally in the Redwoods” 2018

Rally in the Redwoods
September 20-23, 2018

Wagon Masters: Mike & Lynn Ashbridge, Hooper & Lynda McKee


Vintage Conastoga Wagon

The Rally in the Redwoods rally was held in Klamath, CA at the Klamath Camper Corral.  The first night we had pizza made for us at the campground.  After dinner we enjoyed a rousing game of card bingo. Let’s just say those that were winners last time we played were lucky again this time.  Another lucky couple were new members Jim and Peggy Hill from Ft. Bragg.  Co-host Lynda McKee brought an apron and hand towel set with a great RV print fabric detail for a drawing which the Hill’s won.

On Friday 14 people went on a jet boat excursion on the Klamath River.  We went down to the mouth of the river where the Yurok tribal members were net fishing.  They were joined by a good number of sea lions and sea birds, everyone seemed to be catching their limit.  The highlight of this portion of the trip was seeing a golden eagle sitting on a driftwood log preening itself.  From here we turned around and went up the river to see the wildlife and fishermen catching salmon.  John Turner spotted our first bear which was thrilling.  The bear was not as thrilled and made it’s way up what seemed like a steep cliff.  We saw another bear and many birds.  The captain of the boat gave us a calm ride with a few cookies thrown in for those who like a little thrill.

  • Full Boat!
  • A Calm Ride (Mostly!!)
  • John Turner - No Stranger to Jet Boating
  • Camera is Ready
  • Colleen Spots Something
  • Pretty Precarious
  • Pelicans
  • Bald Eagle
  • Just One of the Bears Spotted!
  • Golden Eagle
  • Great Blue Heron

Nancy and Dick Harris brought back blackberries on one of their bike rides so the women came together and with ingredients and equipment from many made a blackberry crumble.  The hot crumble was joined by vanilla ice cream and made a delicious treat shared by all. That evening the group went to the Abalone Bar and Grill at the casino in Klamath.

Breakfast Made by Al Z and Lynn A

Saturday morning some of us woke early which for some it was their regular time.  Al Zimmerman made us breakfast which was enjoyed by one and all. This started everyone off for a great day of adventure in the Redwoods.  Several visited Fern Canyon which was used for some of the scenes in the first Jurassic Park movie. We came together in the evening to share a potluck meal and stories of our adventures. 

Some members checked out the Big Trees:

  • So Many Choices
  • Redwood Trail
  • Learning about the Trees
  • Ed Block and Jim Hill
  • Nice Hike
  • Big Trees
  • WOW!
  • Jeanette Block with a Really BIG Tree!
  • Jim and Peggy Hill
  • Jim and Peggy Hill
  • Peggy, Jeanette and Ed Block

Some visited places they had seen while on the jetboat:

  • Learning about California's Coast
  • Klammath River Crossing Taken Out by Flood
  • Some Trekkers are Agile! (Jim Hill)
  • Historical Yurock Ceremonial Village
  • A WWII Observation Station Hidden as a Farm
  • Peggy Hill and Jeanette Block

We had a surprise visit from Sasquatch who entertained us with a dance to Big Foot Boogie.  Any questions about this sighting should be directed to co-hosts Hoop Hooper and Lynda McKee since they have insider info.  We enjoyed an evening around the campfire provided by Dick and Nancy Harris.

Sunday morning we said our goodbyes and went off in all directions until we meet up next time.


  • First Night Pizza Dinner
  • Jim and Peggy Hill brought Ginger Beer to Share From Fort Bragg, CA
  • Card Bingo
  • Al Z and Lynne A. Cooked Breakfast - Mimosas or OJ? Hmmm!!!
  • Lynn Ashbridge and Nancy Harris
  • Lynn and Mike Ashbridge
  • The Guys Swapped Stories Under the Guise of Walking the Dogs
  • Good Conversations
  • Good Food
  • Al Zimmerman Visits with Park Staff
  • Kathy Klopfenstein and Friend
  • Klopfensteins and Turners
  • Everyone had a Great Time!
  • Nancy Harris - More Blackberries?
  • The weather was perfect for visiting
  • Ed Block Tending the Grill
  • John and Marie Turner enjoy the campfire with their cat

Thanks to Ed and Jeanette Block for supplying rally pictures.