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Sedalia ‘National Trek Rally’ 2006

Northwest Trek Fun Club at Sedalia, Mo
National Trek Rally–Report
June 2006

There were 14 Treks from the NWTFC geographical area in attendance at the Rally. Ten of these were NWTFC members so we were very well represented. Penny Braden volunteered in the registration area and I worked the breakfast preparation. I know others volunteered but I don’t have details.

Peggy and I also recruited three vendors for the rally.

This was a very good rally with great seminars and vendors.  Al and Judy Yeast deserve a huge commendation. Grace Henderson from the NETFC was their right hand person. Many people had upgrades performed on their Treks, four 2006/2007 Treks were sold and potential orders were taken for another 10. All the vendors I chatted with were ecstatic with their sales.

Several of us rode our bicycles on the Katy trail which is the longest “Rails to Trails” trail in the USA. The Katy Rail Museum was very informative with regards to the trail and Sedalia history in general.

Penny Braden and Ben Paschall received recognition as the Trek that traveled the farthest to be at the Rally.

The Tweedies, from our club, and the Coopers, from the SETFC, committed to joining us in Alaska in 2007. Al and Cathy Cooper attended the Independence Rally and purchased a new Trek at the Sedalia Rally.

We did miss being with you in Albany.

Submitted By:
Bob & Peggy Beers
June 16, 2006