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Ocean Park 2005

Ocean Park Rally 

October 9, 10, 11 – 2005

The 2005 Rally season ended with a bang in Ocean Park, Washington.  Located on the Long Beach Peninsula on the southwest Washington coast,  this event drew 27 coaches, 22 member units and 5 guests from California, Arizona, and the Pacific North West.  Co-Wagon Masters Phyllis and Rodger Knight organized the weekend at the Ocean Park Resort campground in Ocean Park.  They  found an great spot for the year end rally and an excellent caterer (The Dunes Restaurant)  for Breakfast and Dinner.

The Long beach Peninsula provide a variety of things to do and see.  The Cranberry festival was in full swing.   There are several museums and many tourist attractions.  There are miles and miles of beautiful beaches on which you can drive, ride horses, and walk.

Al & Judy Yeast of TREK TALK attended as guests but joined before departing.  Their input at the various gatherings was invaluable.

Brazels Performance RV of Centralia, Wa. provided a Technical Seminar to discuss engine/milage enhancements as well as steering and handling modifications for our TREKs.  This seminar was originally schedule for an hour but was extended to two due to an extensive Q&A session.

As you’ll see in the pictures below a great time was had by all.

To Phyllis and Rodger,  thanks for a great rally.