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Mt. Rainier ‘Ohanapecosh’ 2015

Where in the “el” is Ohanapecosh?
Ohanapecosh Campground
Mt. Rainier National Park, WA
September 17-20, 2015

Co-Wagon Masters Ken and Helen Anderson
Co-Wagon Masters Dean and Sue Bjornson

The Ohanapecosh rally was small (9 coaches) and pleasantly intimate. People were free to do the things they enjoy in their motor home or take walks and explore the area. Some traveled to Paradise or Sunrise (Mt Rainier National Forest) by carpool.

Our highlight for the trip was to see the Grove of the Patriarchs which was a pocket of huge, virgin, old growth trees some in excess of 1000 years old. We joined several other trekkers on a short hike.

The days started out with coffee together and evenings ended with a beautiful campfire and great warm and interesting conversations. Even though we were dry camping, we were allowed to run our generators during certain hours which provided adequate time to recharge batteries so those who had to use something medically necessary such as a CPAP were able to do so.

The Saturday rally breakfast included coffee, juices, bacon, sausage, eggs and hotcakes. Everyone seemed to get their fill to fuel the active day of relaxing/exploring or both. We have Al Zimmerman to thank for making our breakfast as well as a few others. What’s great about the NWTFC is that people are always willing to pitch in to help.

It seems that every rally is different, special and fun. This Ohanapecosh rally was a pretty simple one. Think about what is special in your area or state and consider planning one for the coming year or years to come. You will get plenty of help with the planning as there are so many in the club who have  “stepped up” and planned them in the past. It will be fun working with others in the planning and there is even a rally planning guide to help and refer to.

Submitted by Wagon Masters:

Sue and Dean Bjornson (major planners)
Helen and Ken Anderson