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Oregon High Desert Road Trip 2005

Hi All;

Spent the last five days out on and in the Oregon high desert area with another old buddy, wives had 5 days without us as they stayed home.  We toured the John Day fossil beds.  Came back safe and sound after many long hot walks into the back country to see the “digs”.  Buddy, Byron had worked as a “gofer” while in Oregon State and wanted to see it all again after 40+ years.

I am always game for different things to see and do so….  Put 472 miles on the TREK, 485 miles on the Honda and about 35 miles on my legs.  Lots of pictures of hills, mountains, sand, water, roads and stuff.  Found some very good meditation spots, some different “things” and enjoyed the John Day river.  Ohhhh…Carry lots of drinking water and you will be safe and enjoy the area.

Base camp was at the “Big Sarvice Corral”, cleanest restrooms & showers I have ever used.  Owner is one of the nice guys of the world, friendly and real.  He lives about 1/4 mile down the road and drives over with his dogs on the back of his ATV.  Dogs are very friendly, they are the type who smile and say “pet me” and “lets play awhile”.

Make this short, my 1991 Isuzu based diesel TREK did the job nicely, roads are very steep with long hills and lots of curves, weather was hot, 90 plus degrees.  Not a bit of overheating pulling the hills or on the flats.  Even turned it into a dirt road vehicle to get to the “Hancock Paleontology site”, did it careful and slow over  two miles of narrow dirt road mainly cause I had the Honda Si hooked up.

See you at the October rally.

Gene Nemish