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Port Townsend 2018

August 9-13, 2018
Point Hudson Marina
Port Townsend, WA

Wagon Masters:      Ron Mahugh and Mary Burchett

Joann Lindhorst

Port Townsend 4.0 is now in our rearview mirror. I think it was a great success and everyone had a great time. We had 29 coaches along with our honorary members Stan and Barbara Shackle.

The original 20 sites were filled in six days so that left us with a long standby list. We were able to secure more sites over time which allowed us to get everyone from the standby list into the rally. Edie and Bob Carter were last to get a site on Wednesday afternoon in an area that the port doesn’t list. Unfortunately, Ken and Judy Schindler had electrical problems and couldn’t stay although they did leave their potluck contribution (yummy).

Those in attendance were:

Ed & Jeanette Block Gary & Rosie Wright Ken & Helen Anderson
Penny Paschall Harry & Mary Carlson Duane & Kathy Klopfenstein
Mike & Lynn Ashbridge Bob & Sandie Pinney Bill & Joan Quant
Steve Webber-Plank Doug & Judy Gremmel Bob & Lynda Fitzgerald
Ron & Mary Mahugh David & Pam Schulz Harry Salit & Fran Zaft
Jack & Joann Lindhorst Bob Beers Bob & Edie Carter
Dave & Sue Pierce Tom & Dianna Schramm Stan & Barb Shackell
David Burton and his friend Ginny Dick & Nancy Harris Dean & Sue Bjornson and grandson Fisher
Rodger & Colleen Wright Gary & Irva Cooper  
Nyle & Carla Swainston John & Marie Turner  

Others joined us for different parts of the rally: Bret and Laura Medbury came over from Whidbey Island and brought Alex and Dianne from Alberta. Tom & Jo Selvidge also came over from Whidbey Island for a visit and Bret and Sandie Matthews drove over from Chimacum, a short distance away.

Dianna Schramm

Thursday night’s hors d’oeuvres and desserts went well. There was a wide variety of food and treats. Friday night’s potluck was also great with all kinds of good eats. 

  • Ron welcomes everyone to the rally
  • Lots of good snacks
  • Lots of visiting
  • Harry and Fran have Trek Wine and Trek Glasses
  • Trek Wine?
  • Trek Glasses
  • A Big Group of People!
  • Ed Block, Mike Ashbridge and Bob Fitzgerald
  • Helen and Ken Anderson and Bob Fitzgerald
  • Bob Checks Out the Goodies
  • Sue Pierce and Nancy Harris visit
  • David Pierce, Nancy Harris, Dick Harris, Rodger Wright
  • Bob Catches Up with Friends
  • Marie Turner, Ron and Mary
  • Harry and Bret like what they see
  • Stan and Barb choose some goodies
  • Mary Carlson
  • Ed and Jack
  • Bob Pinney
Getting Ready for a Bike Ride
Harry and Mary went Crabbing

The weather was good except that it was a little windy and cold on Friday night. A front was moving in and you could tell something was gonna happen. This is the first time since we’ve been putting on this rally that we have had any rain. But this year it made up for it.

Saturday morning a group of nine people did a short ride ending at Port Townsend brewery in the marina. The rain came down in buckets for about three hours while we were at the tavern. Not a bad place to wait out the storm!

  • The group gets organized
  • Bob Beers at the Brewery
  • Bob and Ed Block
  • Those who didn't ride meet up with them at the Brewery

Others found things to do around the area or just visited.

  • What a view!
  • Great place for a walk!
  • Mary takes a quick break!
  • An old restored Nash Healey captures member's attention! This car was only made between 1951 and 1954!
  • Ed Block and John Turner
  • There was so much to see ....
  • Point Hudson Marina
Sue, Dean, Fisher, Helen, Ken, Tom and Dianna

Saturday night was dinner on your own. Some people stayed in camp for an impromptu potluck. However, I think most everybody went into town for dinner. Mary and I had a wonderful evening with Dean, Sue and Fisher Bjornson and Ken and Helen Anderson.

That night we had a small fire and a few people joined us and we solve many of the world’s problems.

Sunday was a little hectic for Mary and I as we had the Gnome Project craft project at 10 o’clock, CPR class at 3 o’clock and a taco feed at 5 o’clock to get ready for.

The Gnome Project

The gnome project was fun and crazy. No two gnomes look alike, and each had their own distinct personality. Ron ended up helping with the Gnome Project and had a good time talking with everyone.

  • Gnomes out of this?!
  • Mary is not so sure she can do this!
  • Okay - the first step wasn't so bad!
  • Linda gives it a try...looks great!
  • Dean, Sue and Fisher
  • Mary thinks this may just work!
  • Linda and Jeanette
  • Carla and Penny
  • Irva and Linda concentrate to get it right!
  • Mary and Helen
  • Jeanette caught on right away!
  • Fisher checks them out
  • Wow! That's alot of very cute gnomes!
Bill Demonstrates How to do Chest Compressions

Next on the list Bill Beezley from the Port Townsend fire and rescue came to do a CPR and AED defibrillator class. We had 35+ participants in the class. It was a huge success. Bill was great and taught us so much. I feel confident if something happened at a rally now we have a few people who know what to do. Bill stayed a little longer than he had planned so he could help people practice on the dummies. He was coaching people and helping with technique and reassuring them that doing something is way better than doing nothing.

  • Bill Beezley provides AED training
  • We had a good turnout
  • Bill explains how the AED defibrillator machine works
  • Bill shows Mike how to do chest compressions
  • Everyone was able to practice

Next on the agenda was the taco feed. We only had 45 minutes to get tables set, get food out, go pick up the rice and ice cream. With a lot of help from many Trekkers we were able to pull the whole thing off. Thanks again to everybody who helped get the food out, put the food away and clean up.

  • Mary busy in the kitchen
  • Lots of good food!
  • And good discussions
  • Gary and Rosie visit
  • Barb and Stan Shackell and Penny Paschall catch up

We finished the evening with a club meeting. (See the Member’s Only area for the minutes of the meeting.)

  • President Mike calls the meeting to order
  • Jeanette gives the Historian's Report
  • Old Business and New Business was Discussed
  • Penny shows the AED she purchased
  • Ken makes motion
  • Mike calls for discussion
  • There are many questions....
  • Secretary David counting votes

Thanks again for coming and helping make this a successful rally.

Ron & Mary

P.S. At the business meeting I said we had no rallies planed for 2019. We now have three rallies possibly planed. The possibilities are Sequim, Washington, Little Creek Casino in Shelton, Washington, and pre rally just before the FMCA rally.

A Typical Scene Around Any Trekkers!