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Port Townsend 2013

Port Townsend NWTFC Rally 2013

Port Hudson RV and Marina

August 20-25, 2013

Member Attendees:

Rally Wagon Masters; Ron Mahugh and Mary Burchett

Ken & Helen Anderson, Ben Paschall & Penny Braden, Mike & Lynn Ashbridge, David & Sue Pierce, Bob & Peggy Beers, Richard & Lois Piispanen, Dean & Sue Bjornson, Bob & Sandra Pinney, David & Betty Burton, Ken & Judy Schindler, Harry & Mary Carlson, Bill & Paula Shull, Gary & Irva Cooper, Bob & Maggie Stevens, Bob & Linda Fitzgerald, John & Marie Turner, Lee & Judy Keeler, Steve Webber-Plank, Bret & Laura Medbury, Ed & Jeannette Block (Dinner)

Guests: Wayne & Cheryl Burchett (WA), Bob & Betty O’Neil (CA), Sheldon & Sandy Spencer (WA), Ron & Paula Starkweather (WA), Jerry & Karen and children, Tom & Shellie Bouvier (Florida), Dick Kreutzer (CA), and Brandt Wilson (WA)

Hi Fellow Trekkers,

We want to thank everyone for coming to the Port Townsend Trek Rally this year. We had a great time and we think you all did too.

The pot lucks were amazing! We have some really great cooks in our club. The hamburger cookies that Judy Keeler made were a big hit.

Good weather and location make this an easy rally to put on but what makes it exceptional are the great people that attend.

A special thanks to Dean & Irva, who volunteered to help me with breakfast so early in the morning. To everyone who helped in anyway please know we appreciated your time.

Ron is doing much better. He is getting more energy back and has been out working on his little red car. The results of the CAT scan a week ago indicate that all is clear. We have a PET scan in a couple of weeks and we expect that to be positive also.

Thank you all so much for your kind words and prayers and to those who shared their experience and information regarding their own journey through cancer with us.

Hope to see you all at the next rally!

Happy Trails………

Ron and Mary