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Quartzsite 2016

January 2016

It was another great rally in the desert outside of Quartzsite, Arizona, where the group of Trek owners joined with a million other RVers to enjoy the warmer weather and large RV show. This year those who were looking for warmer weather may not have found it at Quartzsite!  However, I guess it depends on where you were coming from. I saw treks from all across the country this year – Minnesota, New Hampshire, South Dakota, Alaska, Texas, Vermont, Missouri, British Columbia, Calgary, Oregon, Washington, Utah, Arizona, Nevada, California, New Mexico, and Colorado.

There were new owners there who had just bought their Trek 3 days before and others who have sold their Treks, but wanted to visit with old friends.  The official count on the day of the potluck was 52 treks, however, some had left and others had come late, so lets say around 55.

The NWTFC was well represented again this year – with the noticeable absence of Bob and Peggy Beers, due to some health issues.  However, Bret and Laura got to the desert early enough to guide all of the Isuzus into their area (I think Bret called it herding wild cats?), and besides Harry and I, there were Rodger and Colleen, Bob and Linda, David and Sue, Nick and Teri, and Harry and Fran.  In addition, several couples who were in Quartzsite have joined the NWTFC since the rally. Welcome new members!

We had a great time at Redlands this year.  They had a special pre-BBQ party for just the Trekkers. Keith and Karen again made us all feel welcome as they told us about items we may need to upgrade on our Treks.

The pot-luck was again a giant success – more food than I have seen outside of a Vegas buffet! At the business meeting SWTFC coordinator Liana turned over the coordinator’s gavel to Russ McLaughlin. Liana and Wayne sold their Trek and plan to do more traveling in the coming years.  Many thanks to Liana and welcome Russ.

The annual open house was a huge success, giving everyone a chance to look at what others have done in their trek.  There was also a book exchange, a yard sale, and everywhere you looked, someone was asking questions or helping to figure out problems, or trying to find hidden animals in the murals. This year I am finally posting pictures of the murals of those in attendance.  See below.

Another great time had by all!  Thank you Liana and Wayne.

Submitted by Mary Carlson