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Quartzsite 2018

What can I say, if we discount the wind the last two days, it could not have been a better Quartzsite experience.

Bret’s Cactus

Many folks, about six or seven, arrived a week or more early (Laura and I arrived Sunday 1/14) and last I knew four days after the official end there were still five Treks there. Counting the actual attendance at Quartzsite is akin to counting a school of fish or a flock of birds, but the number given to me as “official” attendance 2018 was 54 Treks plus about four other brands of RVs. Interestingly about 1/3 of the attendees were first timers at Quartzsite.

Barry and Sandy Provided Music

The official start was Thursday January 18th with our “meet and greet Heavy Hors d’oeuvres” gathering at which Barry and Sandy provided wonderful music, followed by a great campfire and wonderful Trekker socializing.

Friday noontime we were treated to a “State of Quartzsite” status report followed by a Technical presentation on interior LED lighting, Solar on your Trek, Banks System upgrades, and electric awning disengagement and opening issues, all of these provided by our own Trekkers who care about you and your pocketbook and safety.  Lee Buckley arranged a gathering of all the 6.5 diesel owners, after the formal meeting, for the purpose of sharing experiences and knowledge. Names and e-mails for the presenters can be provided if you are interested.

Friday evening was the annual technical presentation by Redlands Truck and RV for Trekkers and then their Awesome BBQ dinner and open bar provided free of charge; however,  Wayne and Janna took their new Winnebago over to Redlands the next day and managed to cover the cost of the dinner. 🙂

Saturday the Big Tent opened and most folks spent the day prowling all the RV innovations and doodads available there. One disappointment though was the wind picked up forcing the postponement of our Pot Luck to noontime on Sunday. The wind was abated some Sunday, but was still a problem so Pam and Mike graciously moved their Trek which became a very effective wind break. As usual Trekkers find a way to save the day.

Trek Flea Market

Sunday morning the Trekkers got out all the items that had that needed new homes for our famous flea market. There were DVDs, CDs, furniture, gifted items from aunt Edna, re gifted items from Uncle George, really useful items, magazines, books (signed by the author even), free items (seemed nobody wanted any of the approximately 50 florescent tubes that had been replaced by LEDs, they ended up at the Salvation Army), the kitchen sink was there somewhere. It was really great and most went back to their Treks with a new treasure.

Throughout the entire period many spent time perusing the extensive flea markets, junk vendors, rock shops, RV salvage venues, etc. that are everywhere around Quartzsite, independent of the big tent.

Trekkers Enjoy Helping Each Other

All in all it was a great year and a great opportunity renew old friendships, develop some new ones and to share the joys that go with out Trekker lifestyle. Many attendees learned a great deal about their Trek and many were able to take advantage Trekker Family expertise to help them upgrade and or solve issues that they had.

We had Trekkers from all over the country (sorry if we missed anyone): Minnesota, Vermont, Massachusetts, Arkansas,  Missouri, New Mexico, Colorado, California, Alaska, Washington, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, Montana, British Columbia, Alberta, Texas, New York, Ohio and the United Kingdom!

Below is a list of all the NWTFC members that attended this year, sure hope all these and more can make it next year.

Bret and Laura Medbury
Wayne Vandergriff & Janna Caughron
Harry Salit and Fran Zaft
Harry and Mary Carlson
David and Sue Pierce
Rodger and Colleen Wright
Gary and Rosie Wright
Bob and Linda Fitzgerald – stayed in town but visited
Ernie and Debi Norris
Roxanne Etherton and Laura Blankenship
Tom and Bida Solski
Steve and Cheryl Crockett
Keith and Laura Kovacs
Rod Blum and Phyllis Gisler
Darald and Leann Froehlich
Laurie Hail
Dan and Debbi Maas
Pete and Beth Sanderson

Submitted by:
Bret and Laura Medbury

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