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McMinnville ‘Spring in the Yamhill’ 2015

Spring in the Yamhill Valley

Old Stone Village
McMinnville, OR
April 23-26, 2015

Ken and Helen Anderson:  Co-Wagonmasters

Steve Webber-Plank:  (Co-wagonmaster):

Bob and Peggy Beers, Dan & Debbi Maas, Bill and Paula Shull, Ed and Jeannette Block, Bret & Laura Medbury, Al & Trudy Walker, Dean & Sue Bjornson, Dick and Liz O’Bannon, Tom and Pat Wilhelm, Dick & Nancy Harris, Ben Paschall and Penny Braden, Al & Virginnia Zimmerman, Noel & Cynthia Jacobsen, Bob & Sandra Pinney, John and Marie Turner, and Bob & Barb Brown stopped by to visit, Jack and Joann Lindhorst, Ken and Judy Schindler

Spring in the Yamhill Valley really was! We were treated to almost all of Mother Nature’s whims, from warm and clear to cold and clear as well as some clouds, and a few drenching downpours. Five rigs arrived the day before the official rally began and shared dinner, drinks, and desserts  along with stimulating conversations until it got too cold and dark to stay outside.

On the official first day of our rally, rigs began arriving fairly early and joined us for a potluck heavy hors d’oeuvres, defined early on, as those heavy enough to bend a single paper plate, and spill the contents in your lap. Because of house rules for the meeting room, (officially no alcohol), we used opaque receptacles for our beverages and everybody stayed out of trouble. I did notice a couple of paper bags that housed questionable bottles, but in the words of Government – “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” So we didn’t!

Each morning featured a Continental Breakfast of tea, coffee, juice, yogurt, fruit, breads, pastries etc. Al & Virginia Zimmerman came through for us on Saturday Morning, cooked us a great pancake and sausage breakfast that was enjoyed by all.

Following breakfast, we reconvened at the Evergreen Air and Space Museum for guided tours. Docents and staff treated us very well and, speaking for myself, we learned many facts and anecdotes about air and space history as well as some hands-on, up-close and personal experience with historical planes, rockets, moon landers and models. We were also treated to several  spectacular movies that were entertaining as well as historically significant. Most of us were there for about six hours and had lunch on our own. In addition, several went back the next day to see attractions they had missed the first day.

At six, we gathered for Happy Hour at the Golden Valley Brewery in McMinnville and a buffet dinner that featured Salmon and Chicken with all the fixin’s. Saturday morning featured Al & Virginia’s pancakes and we went our separate ways to explore the town, wineries, breweries, antique shops or kicked back and visited with those who chose to stay at home and relax. Happy Hour brought us with our opaque containers back together and we had a terrific potluck dinner of food, drink, and camaraderie. Following dinner, we had the requisite business meeting and adjourned to various rigs for more socialization or perhaps an early bedtime.

Sunday morning saw the end of the official rally with our final Continental Breakfast and a willing team that stayed to clean-up after our stay. Waves, honks and horn blasts were shared as almost all of us left for home or the next RV park – wherever and whenever that might be. Two or three rigs stayed for another day to relax before heading off into the next sunset, or sunrise depending on where they were pointed!

Next rallies – Winchester Bay in June and Bremerton in August!  See you there!