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Trekking in the Comox Valley Rally – August 2019


Comax Valley, BC








August  2 – 5,  2019

Cape Lazo RV & Campground

Comox Valley, British Columbia (Courtenay, Comox, Cumberland)


August 2, 2019            

1 pm-5 pm  arrival and check in

5 pm…happy hour pavilion

6 pm…***group dinner…”Taco in a Bag” 


August 3, 2019             

 8 am…***sticky bun/fruit/coffee  breakfast

 9 am-12 noon…tour Cumberland (Cumberland museum, walking tour, )

 12 -2:00…Cumberland lunch  (suggestions and recommendations)

2:30-4:30…40 Knot Winery Tour

5:00-8:00…***Happy hour/Host BBQ  (bbq salmon, smoked pork loin) Pavillion


August 4, 2019             

8 am…***Pancake Breakfast  Pavillion

 10 am…Open air church service/Beach walk

Filberg Festival  (Crafts, music and entertainment)

7 pm…***Pizza Night Hosted  Pavillion


August 5, 2019               

8 am…*** Breakfast   (Surprise!!!)                                      

9 am-4:pm…Build, Bail and Sail

5 pm…Heavy Appies (no host)

9 pm…BC Day Fireworks at the Marina



Beach walking/Forest Walking  (Seal Bay, Kye Bay, Cape Lazo)

Caving…Horne Lake Caves Provincial Park

Mountain walking/hiking/gondola/zip lining…Paradise Meadows, Mt. Washington

Kayaking…Estuary (rentals available)

Golfing…Crown Isle Golf Resort

Shopping…5th Street Courtenay

Distillery tour…Shelter Point Distillery

Questions:  How do I get involved?  Send me an email to let me know you are coming and are booking your weekend site at the rv park.

How do I get a rv site? is the website for the park.  It is close to the ocean and close to everything.  Books up quickly for next summer so avoid disappointment.  Sites are $45/nite and $55/nite and are all full service.  All sites are Trek friendly.

What about rally expenses?  ***activities are group functions and cost will be determined by numbers present and the size of the grocery bill to be shared by all.  Cumberland Museum, wine tasting and Filberg Festival have entry or daily fees.

What about ferry cost?  go to to determine schedule and cost.  Right now the ferry is $175.00 CDN for our 2480 and Kia Soul plus 2 passengers. (This is one-way as of 11/2018)

Come early/Stay late:  Information on other things to see and do on the island just email.

More Discussion Items:

In response to questions, Peter replies that border crossings experience is open to the interpretation of the crossing officer.    Over the years we have  been searched seemingly at random going into the US and we have been searched again seemingly at random coming back into Canada.  Sometimes I think it is just the “luck of the draw”.  The important thing is never have anything to hide, be honest in your answers and do not volunteer information.

Going south into the US we carry few groceries and everything is in its original package and better unopened than not.  No meat and no fruit.  If you have drugs make sure you have the documentation to back what you are carrying.

Going north into Canada follow the same thought.  I don’t think there are any special rules other than no weapons or firearms.

If you get someone who is challenging and officious, best to remain polite and calm.  Save their antics for stories around the campfire.

Steve Webber Plank tells us “This article link below is pretty good. It covers many areas I would not have prepared for in advance.

I have a Nexus pass and cross often in my car. I’ve only traveled once with my RV and that was in ‘ 05 from Alaska going south in the Cassiar Highway thru the Yukon.  Yukon officials warned us in advance to expect a more stringent questions and possible inspection while entering BC.  And they were correct.

One item not covered in article but covered in the official rules is use of Bear spray vs personal protection pepper spray. Yes on Bears, no on PPPS. 

I’ve personally run afoul of US boarder rules because I had campfire wood in my pickup.  That required an inspection of the wood. It passed, but confiscated at Anacortes  ferry dock. 

But if you know the rules, document any declarables and have a check list, it goes pretty well.