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Do You Enjoy Rallies?

A goal of the Northwest Trek Fun Club (NWTFC) is to have at least three rallies a year (one of which may be a pre-rally to an FMCA event).  The objective is to spread rallies among spring, summer, and fall and distribute rallies among the various geographic areas served by NWTFC. 

We understand that times are uncertain, and we may or may not be able to hold a rally in 2021, but we still need volunteers to step up and at least think of holding a rally sometime in the future – even in 2022 or 2023. 

Rallies can be any place. They are not limited to just the western states. Our goal is to have an annual rally calendar established and published by March each year.

Aero-Space Rally
Typical Rally
Typical Rally Scene

Over the years, we have had rallies in many different states and venues.  Some have been very low key – basically just a gathering of fellow trekkers, while others have been packed with activities.  Rallies have been held in full-service private RV resorts, and some have been in National Parks, State Parks, and Forest Service campgrounds with facilities ranging from full hook-ups, partial hook-ups and dry camping.  Our members enjoyed them all! We just like to get together!

Ohanapecosh Rally

One of our rallies, the Ohanapecosh Rally, was at a national park where there were no hookups and we gathered outside to eat and enjoy each other’s company. There was a pristine forest, a clear river, a tent to gather under in the rain, and great company.

To continue the FUN and success of the NWTFC, please consider hosting a rally. We have mentors and a Rally Planning Kit to help you through the rally planning process.  And there are always plenty of attendees who are more than willing to jump in and help! You don’t have to do it all!

Here is a link to the rally planning kit

Click here to see a list with links to the rally report for each rally the club has put on over the years.  As you read through them, you will note that almost every one gives you a good idea of what to do for that area of the region.  This would make it very easy for someone to just look at an area and go by what was done before.

If you are interested and/or have questions, please contact President Mike Ashbridge at


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