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2019 Quartzsite

A Panorama of all the Treks

As usual, the Northwest Trek Fun Club was well represented at the no-host, no-cost rally in the Quartzsite, AZ desert.

NWTFC Members in attendance:

  • Lee Buckley (new member)
  • Harry and Mary Carlson
  • Bob and Edie Carter
  • Roxy Etherton and Laura Blankenship
  • Bob and Linda Fitzgerald
  • Phyllis Gisler and Rod Blum
  • Laurie Hail
  • Keith and Laura Kovacs
  • Bret and Sandi Matthews
  • Bret and Laura Medbury
  • David and Sue Pierce
  • Harry Salit and Fran Zaft
  • Peter and Beth Sanderson
  • Tom and Bida Solski
  • Wayne Vandergriff and Janna Caughron
  • Al and Elaine Zimmerman

This year the Trek group and the Safari International group got together at the Trek campsite for the first-ever joint Happy Hour / mini-potluck. There was talk of perhaps doing this every year.

  • We Had A Good Crowd for the Meet and Greet
Lee Tells the Group Why His Nickname is Now “Sparky”

The SI group was invited back for Friday’s Tech Talk where Solar Al talked about solar power and lithium batteries, Mitch talked about Banks system upgrades, Bret told how to inexpensively convert your Trek to LED interior lighting, and Lee explained how he came by the name “Sparky” (he and the Trek were hit by lightning and damaged while in Rock Springs, WY last summer. Thankfully Dianna was not injured and Lee suffered only relatively minor injuries. The group then discussed ideas for next year’s rally.

  • Bret Opens Up the Tech Talk Discussion
  • A Good Crowd

Friday night saw the whole group together again at the Redlands-sponsored BBQ prior to the “Big Tent” show.

Saturday, some in the Trek group joined in the Safari International annual migration to visit the Desert Bar in the middle of nowhere north of Parker. Next year we may make it a more formal part of the Trek rally for those interested. New NWTFC member Lee Buckley reports that the Desert Bar is a totally solar-powered venue built on the former site of a desert mining complex – they open to standing room only at noon and at sunset, it’s all done.  Great food, cold beer, and live bands….who could ask for more?

Car Seen at Tyson Wells

Others had work done on their rigs at Redlands or checked out the Big Tent and the Tyson Wells shopping tents, gem and rock show or just enjoyed visiting with friends in camp.

Fran Organized Breakfast

The Sunday morning pancake breakfast was a huge success. Thanks to Fran Zaft and her team of helpers for feeding us all. The donations to it, along with money Bret and Laura Medbury raised from donations for Trek Rally t-shirts and Trek Talks newsletters donated by the late Al Yeast’s partner, raised enough money to cover the cost of the breakfast and to purchase a new battery-operated PA system.

  • Fran's Helpers....
  • Laura Kovacs
  • Phyllis Gisler and Al Zimmerman
  • Lee Buckley
  • Edie Carter, Barry Cole (and that's Ken Harmon in line)
  • Breakfast is Almost Ready
  • Harry Salit is Glad There is Still Food Left
  • Looks Great!

As usual, the weather provided a bit of excitement with some overnight winds, but other than a few migrating lawn chairs I think there were no major issues. In fact, the weather was some of the nicest we have seen in several years.

The Isuzus

We had a great turnout with a reported 54 treks and 4 other rigs –  and as with last year, there were many first time attendees. I think just about every year of Trek was represented – from the early Isuzus to the later models and some in other brands who had previously owned Treks. I understand we even had a pretend Trek in the group!  We also had some NWTFC members come to visit who were staying in other places.

Al’s Solar Coffee Roast

Camp fire conversations, superb potluck dining, new friendships made, past friendships renewed, common interest Trek topics discussed….who could ask for more? Oh yeah – Solar Al Glick was finally able to deliver that pound of solar roasted coffee this year that he had promised last year to Peter Sanderson! I hear it was worth the wait.

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  1. Lee Buckley

    Quartzsite is probably my favorite gathering place! The friendships and camaraderie can’t be beat. Thank you to all those in the group who pulled the details together in the background to make this happen. I know that I’ve already started making plans for next year.

    Lee (aka “Sparky”)

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