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2021 Quartzsite Rally

The 2021 Trek no cost no host annual gathering in Quartzsite Az. was about as different from previous gatherings as one could get due to the ongoing pandemic. As a pandemic safety precaution all events that would have generated a group or gathering of folks were cancelled, masks were required all times others were present and we used two evening fires to keep the groups small. The big question is though, who won the highly contested, highly dynamic, favorite mask contest??? The suspense is palpable, however the answer will be below. Hint – that is a heavily veiled trick to keep you reading.

Ballot Box

Treks gathered in their traditional circle on Thursday January 14 joining a few early arrivals however the circle size was much smaller than previous years. At peak attendance we had 19 Treks plus four RVs of other brands. Still, it made a nice compact and but socially distanced group. At least half the crowd consisted of first timers, we had a number of full timers and multiple very hightech Treks which came equipped with VERY knowledgeable owners.

The weather was absolutely fantastic, full sun, nice and warm, dark nights with just a sliver of a moon and spectacular stars, and NO WIND.

To promote social distancing and keep groups small all social and technical discussions were done in small informal groups which really worked very well. We all dearly missed our traditional afternoon snacks and cocktail gatherings, pot lucks, Technical talks, etc. But we fully intended for everyone to go home healthy to come back next year and enjoy those things then.

After some discussion and with such a small crowd we did decide that we could do a socially distanced meet and greet, abbreviated tech talk, general discussion meeting which we held on Saturday morning. A good part of the general discussion was focused on the poor connectivity at our Dome Rock Site area, especially Verizon. Your Quartzsite volunteer crew is working feverishly on that issue, expect information on that issue soon. Another item repeatedly expressed was praise for the Trek Tracks Forum, multiple attendees expressed appreciation for help provided by forum members on a wide variety of subjects.

Now, who won the Favorite Mask contest????? Drum roll please………..Wow we know there a lot of votes because the box is wicked heavy………. Oh dang there is a rock in here,,,,,,,,,,,, Al Z drew the short straw and dutifully read the votes and the winner is,……….. another drum roll with a flourish,    Fran  😁

The Winner – Fran


I want all to know this is a contest we intend to never have to repeat so Fran has bragging rights forever.

Many new friendships were generated, much technical information was passed, much fun was had even though the smiles were hidden behind masks, a whole bunch of lies were told around campfires (some were believed).

Sunday was a day for sad goodbyes for some, Travel arrangements that had been combined among new friends made here, and many promises to be back next year.

May we see you all happy, healthy, and pandemic free next year.

Bret and Laura

(NOTE: Altough Bob and Peggy Beers were unable to attend this year, their beautiful Trek was there – new owner Lee Buckley really enjoyed it!)


Thank you for the very nice words and pictures of our Trek, Must confess that they brought tears to my eyes. Positive is that Peggy and I had several wonderful years with the TRek and all the wonderful people we met while traveling. Happy that Lee is keeping the Trek rolling across our great country.

Bob/Bunky Beers

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