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Coburg Armitage/FMCA Pre-Rally, 2019

A pre-rally for the FMCA Northwest Area FMCA convention was hosted by John and Marie Turner and Dick and Nancy Harris at the Armitage Park Campground in Coburg. There were 20 coaches and 38 participants in attendance. Participants came from as far as Reno, Nevada and the Tri Cities of Washington. Attendees were:

  • John & Marie Turner
  • Dick & Nancy Harris
  • Al & Elaine Zimmerman
  • Tom & Dianna Schramm
  • Wright Towery
  • Glen Schweizer & Valeta Weaver
  • Mike & Lynn Ashbridge
  • David & Pat Larson
  • Ed & Jeanette Block
  • David & Sue Pierce
  • Gary & Irva Cooper
  • Bob & Linda Fitzgerald
  • Jim & Peggy Hill
  • Bill & Paula Shull
  • James and Lynda Hooper
  • Bob & Sandi Penney
  • Bill & Joan Quant
  • Penny Paschall
  • Rodger & Colleen Wright
  • Bob Beers
  • Mike & Leah Clouse
  • Dana Hilden and friend

An outstanding potluck was enjoyed by all on the evening of our arrival. Old members and new members visited for much of the afternoon and late into the evening.

  • Bingo!
  • Jim and Peggy Hill
  • Nancy Harris and Lynn Ashbridge
  • Business Meeting
  • Pierces, Fitzgeralds and Blocks out to lunch
  • Our Treasurer, Irva, takes a ride!
  • Al Zimmerman, National Director, Newsletter Editor
  • Historian Jeanette Block and Sue Pierce catch up
  • Penny Paschall
  • More Food?

The next morning participants toured the Cascade Raptor Center in Eugene. The Raptor Center rehabilitates and houses injured raptor. Birds that are fully rehabilitated are released back in the wild. Birds that cannot be rehabilitated are on display in very large cages. Each raptors story is on display along with all of the vital information about the species. Lunch was on your own and the afternoon was free time.

  • Dick and Nancy Harris
  • Bob Fitzgerald

A dinner of sloppy joe on a bun and salad, with pie and ice cream for desert was served by the wagon masters. After dinner some participants played 52 card bingo before retiring. The big winner was Bill Shull.

The following morning breakfast was also hosted by the wagon masters. Participants were served a breakfast of “an omelet in a bag” along with fruit, bagels and juice. A wide selection of ingredients were offered for inclusion in ones omelet. Each person cracked their egg or eggs in to a quart freezer bag, added supplemental ingredients to their taste and dropped it into a pan of boiling water where it was cooked. First “omelet in a bag” for many of the participants.

  • Dick Harris
  • Yummy!
  • Tom and Dianna Schramm enjoy the pie
  • Secretary David Pierce and Sue fix their omelets in a bag
  • John Turner shows how the omelets are cooked. Great idea John!
  • Ed Block prepares his omelet fixings
  • Dick Harris and John Turner
  • Bob Beers and John Turner
  • Bob enjoys his meal
  • As pretty as it is tasty!

At noon participants toured the Marathon Coach Works in Coburg to see how the big, classy mh’s are made. We were even able to tour the inside of a coach ready for sale. Following the Marathon tour we crossed the street and toured the RV Glass Solutions facility. They are a storehouse of an unlimited amount of glass for our RV’s, have much of what we might need in stock and are able to replace windshields and side windows on site. They also offer laminated glass as replacements where dual pane windows have failed. They surprised us with a light lunch.

Following a continental breakfast provided by the wagon masters on the third morning it was up to Al Zimmerman to get us lined up for our trip to Albany. Eleven coaches rolled into Albany to participate in the FMCA rally.

  • Getting Ready to Caravan to the FMCA Rally
  • President Mike Ashbridge
  • Bill Shull
  • Al Zimmerman Explain How it's Done
  • Al and Elaine Zimmerman check inventory

Report Submitted by John Turner

Thank you to Mike Clouse, David Pierce, Jeanette Block and Al Zimmerman for pictures.

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