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Quartzsite – 2020

Photo by Tom Selvidge


(Thanks to Greg Weiss, Tom Selvidge, Brad Teubner and Bret Medbury for the photos.)

What a great gathering we had this year at our annual No Host and No Cost Trek Gathering held in the Arizona Desert at Quartzsite. (As usual the Northwest Trek Fun Club was well represented.)

What a Great Place to Catch Up With Old Friends or Make New Ones: Laurie and Greg

This is always the time to catch up with old friends, make new friends, learn something about your Trek or just sit and enjoy the warmth.

The weather treated us really well – allowing all scheduled events to occur at their scheduled times and the days were pleasant with 100% sun on all but one day and no bothersome wind. Counting the number of participating Treks was akin to counting a hill of ants, but at one point there were 54 Treks stationary, 10 of which were the earliest Isuzu-based versions. In addition, we had about five attendees that arrived in other brand of coaches. At least 30% of the attendees were first timers at our Quartzsite rally.

Again this year the folks from the Safari International group were invited and joined us for our Thursday Happy Hour and mini potluck welcome event.  They have been a very pleasant addition to the group and will continue to join us.  Ken and Billie Barker joinws us for a couple of nights. Ken is the president of Safari International and we were glad to have him and Billie join us with their 1993 Safari Ivory – a beautiful coach that we could easily adopt as a Trek!

The Original Social Network

It is just amazing what strong bait food is to a group of Trekkers! I am sure it is significantly strengthened by the awesome quality and selection that get placed on those tables and it is all created in the desert with no hookups.  Followed later by a bit of socializing around a campfire.

Friday we had our Tech Talk where the first order of business was to honor a couple that have so vividly defined the soul of our Trekker Family. In recognition, a trophy was presented to Super Trekkers Brad and Debra Teubner.

At Quartzsite this year a special award was presented to them for their exemplary contribution to the Trek Family. Laura and I are at a loss to come up with appropriate words, hopefully someone can.

Words below were copied and pasted from Trek Tracks:

“I think we all realize that we have an exceptional group of folks gathered here around our love for the unique machine called the Safari Trek. This group continues to find new ways for Trekkers to help other Trekkers or wannabee Trekkers to move on down the road. Recently a Super Trekker emerged who far exceeded any previous level of assistance to another Trekker. Those folks are Brad and Debra Teubner.

The story is told here:  Read on Trek Tracks  and here:   More Info   

NOTE:  Be sure to read the “Quiz” thread all the way to the end as it really explains the real impact of their efforts.”

The Tech Talk itself was led off by Mary Carlson who talked about the ins and outs of good WIFI while on the road. Rodger Wright then provided an in-depth presentation that focused on attention to items relating to safety covering everything from detectors to brake fluid. Next Big Al gave a brief overview on solar installations and the use of lithium batteries followed by Bret who spoke about upgrading your Trek lighting to LEDs and announced his retirement from this endeavor. Lee Buckley spoke briefly on the 6.5. diesel and on the subtle and hard to diagnose electrical damage the lightning strike did to his disconnected, but nearby Subaru toad. OBTW he no longer uses the nickname Sparky :-). Mitch then passed along information on the Banks system products and the advantage Trekkers can take advantage of because he is an authorized Banks dealer. Brad wrapped up the Tech Talk by pointing out a flaw that many of the later electric awnings have and offering to inspect and or repair them free.

We see you Laura and Carol – and Wayne

That evening the bulk of the Trekkers went to the wine & cheese social followed by the BBQ provided by Redlands Truck and RV over by the big tent. A few took advantage of the bedlam at Silly Al’s Pizza in Quartzsite.  Followed by socializing around a campfire.

Photo by Brad Teubner


Saturday Morning dawned simultaneously with the opening of The Big Tent which is our term for the “Quartzsite Sports, Vacation and RV Show”  many in our group headed there, many spent the day relaxing and comparing Trek stories and others gathered for, what is becoming an annual tradition, to head off as a group to the totally solar powered Desert Bar. Our group joins a group from Safari International for this truly unique desert experience. OBTW, as expected they were late for the big Pot Luck.

Saturday afternoon featured the annual Pot Luck. Again all this awesome food is prepared in the desert without the help of amenities and it is awesome. Absolutely nobody went back to their Trek Hungry. Followed later by socializing around a campfire.

Sunday morning we were all blessed with a breakfast provided by Fran and Harry and an army of volunteers. Again, in typical Trekker fashion, no one left the event hungry, wow! Thanks Fran and Harry.

Later Sunday morning was the beginning of the Quartzsite Trekker flea market where many folks trash became other folks treasures. A great time was had and everyone was a winner.  Followed later by socializing around a campfire.

Monday was our new “optional” unofficial extension of your Quartzsite experience day. It was special in that nothing was scheduled. Most folks stayed, although a few had other commitments, so after a few sad goodbys the rest of us spent a relaxing day kabitzing, commiserating, comparing Trekker stories, and finally getting to go see what you had been promising to “go see” since last Thursday, but never quite had the time. Monday offered a bit of extra time.  Followed later by socializing around a campfire.

Report Submitted by Bret Medbury

  • Why we love Quartzsite...
  • Yep - the SW in SWTFC....
  • Seeing Great Coaches.....
  • Some from as far away as New Brunswick, Canada!
  • Trekkers helping trekkers - Al helping Laurie...
  • Learning How to Do Things: Laurie Patching up her Black Tank
  • Al helping fellow trekker Tom
  • Seeing What Others Have Done: Paula and Nelson's Mini Wood Stove Install. A favorite of Cinder Kitty.
  • Kristen's Solar Kitchen at Work
  • And Of Course: Al's Solar CCCOFFEEEE!
  • Some Drone Pictures - thanks Tom
  • Our group from Stone House Vista - thanks Greg
  • The Isuzu Treks - Thanks Bret
  • The Treks in the Distance - Thanks Brad
  • Another Great Sunday Morning...looking out at Treks - Thanks Greg
  • Tech Talk
  • Bret Takes a Break
  • Mitch at Tech Talk
  • Tom Has Suggestions

Although there are always plenty of dogs and cats that enjoy the warm Quartzsite weather, this year we had two dogs who drew quite a bit of attention.  They were the subject of an unusual Dennis Dame Mural:

  • Paul and Meghan's Original Dennis Dame Mural...
  • Their dogs Rosie and Kadie...
  • We Think Paul was Teaching the Pups to Gather Wood for the Fire....
  • ...and make kindling I guess...
  • ...hey wait...
  • WRONG WAY...gather, GATHER for the fire ya little thief...LOL
  • A third of the circle on January 17th
  • ... and the circle gets smaller
  • Trekkers move on for another year...
Photo by Greg Weiss

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